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After some time, I cling to her body and throw out the accumulated sperm in an open womb, which with pleasure sucks in this natural elixir.
For a few seconds her small lips continue to compress my empty vessel, but I am completely immobilized, I continue to cling to it.
After that, pulling my blade out of its scabbard, I get up, dress, she with a towel, holding, pouring sperm from the vagina, crouching and spreading her legs, rubs her vagina and perineum.

I notice that the hairline framing the entrance to the gates of debauchery and pubis has grown so wide that even with a towel with which it rubs the vagina can not completely close these thickets.
Raises bra straps that sleep on hands, puts swollen, still-excited breasts with protruding nipples into bra cups, puts on shorts, tights, skirt and blouse.
We talk for some time, she promises to bring some documents, after which she leaves, and I turn off the camera and restore order.
Later, twice or three times I came to her house.
One evening I came, she was at home alone with her child, her husband was on duty. Cams live adult live chat.

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