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Foksyfoksy bongacams.
The member has become firmer and has grown somewhat in size.
Then He took my hair and started putting it on, deeper and deeper.
Eyes began to water.

He shoved everything, harder and harder.
– Remember the slut – he said – when you feel when I finish, then ask the question where, on the face or in the mouth.
Do you understand? – I shook my head.
– I did not get that? He asked.
I understood what was the matter.
I tore his head from his penis and said as he could. Where do you want the master to end on the face or in the mouth? The answer came immediately – And there and there.
But first on the face, I did not swallow the penis, brought it to my face, licked once the head and poured liquid.
Filled all over me hit my eyes, forehead, mouth, chin.
Then he heard another order – In the mouth.
– I guessed it took his dick and began to suck and lick like a few minutes ago.
He began to push me again, and again the tears came out.
It took some time as I felt that the member is tense.
I wanted to tear off my head, as he pressed her harder and began to cum in his mouth.
Tears ran down my cheeks, my mouth was damp, the fluid constantly added had to be swallowed.
When the jet ended, he pulled me away and threw me to the side.
Good sosalka – he said and added – Vasilisa, where are your sister’s clothes? – A sister came from a nearby office with a suit on a hanger.
– Put it on – He ordered.
Sister crawled up to me and stretched her thong.
I looked disapproving, but did not resist.
Wore panties, she stretched out stockings, and then a bra.
I put everything on.
This was followed by a short skirt, transparent blouse and jacket.
An excellent secretary-whore turned out to be – He uttered And ordered me to milk.

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He bent me, lifted the skirt and smeared my ass, it was probably Vaseline.
He ordered to lie on the table ass to him.
I obeyed.
Then something began to dig in behind me and he entered me.
Tears came running from the pain.
– Cry bitch, you have such a fate.
– He shouted and more strongly cast his penis into me.
“Go and fuck your sister,” he said to Vasilisa.
She came to my ass and almost leaned against my nose.
– Lick the anus whore – behind me the voice of the Master echoed.
I, through tears, began to lick.
The sister began to moan.
Here in the pope everything got warmer and I understood that he began to cum into me.
And then the only moment in the last hour, when my dick stood up.
He saw it and said – Ah.
All the same, you like a whore.
I will give you all that your legs do not converge.
– The owner has reduced the pressure.
Come on lick me, whore – I understood it appealed to me.
Tears all flowed.
I adjusted my underpants, lowered my skirt.
And bent down to suck.
I licked my balls, swallowed my dick again.
– Well done, he said – another good whore will be like your sister.
Now go both and that’s enough for today.
Tomorrow we’ll go for a walk – he said in a cold voice.
We went out, my sister did not look at me, I did not look at her either.
So we got to the house.
There was nobody at home.
I lay down on the couch and fell asleep.
All, let’s see what will be the comments, there is a continuation in the head.
Thanks for attention.
I want to tell you about what is happening in our office.
We have a small real estate firm in the Balkans.
Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia.
The company employs only girls from 19 to 26.
All in shoes, beautiful, well-groomed.
After all, we get here above the city average.
But you have to pay.
We have only one man.
But the man with a capital letter.
Our boss.
He purposely picks up only such.
Pretty and who has nowhere to go.
And he does not matter whether you are married or not.
For example, it happened to me for the first time when I went to the honeymoon holiday the next day after the wedding.
Put cancer.
I pulled down the pants and entered.
Its a big powerful member.
Fucked the way I dreamed all my wedding night.
Of course, I resisted and asked him not to do it.
But at night, when the new husband awkwardly tried to insert his soft little pussy, I dreamed of this.
And in the morning it came true.
Like He felt.
I came in white shorts bride.
But he did not stand on ceremony, they silenced them to me.
Although all the girls in our office are aware of what is happening from time to time in his office. Foksyfoksy bongacams.

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