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I overcame her only in the fourth hour of the night, when the whole hostel was already asleep.
Having decided to refresh myself at bedtime, I went to the shower room.
Here, at such a late time, it was completely empty, I chose the booth that I had admired, and, enjoying this rare moment of solitude, I put my body under the elastic jets of the soul.

The idea to use loneliness already appeared in my head, and to caress my butt, but as I gained courage, the door creaked and someone else entered the shower.
I carefully looked out of the booth.
At the bench, swaying, Anton undressed – a penultimate student and a local celebrity.
He was known for the fact that, according to rumors, a half-town had been a fucking party, and there was no reason to trust these rumors.
He was tall, blue-eyed, athletic — he was undoubtedly in demand from the opposite sex.
Apparently, he was tipsy, and also decided to freshen up before going to bed.
Swaying, he undressed, exposing his muscular chest and lean belly.
Throwing a glance below the belt of an undergrad, I barely suppressed a groan of lust – his unit, even in a quiet position, hung almost to the middle of the thigh! Without looking around, he went into the shower stall opposite, and turned on the water, turned his back to me.
I also hastily turned away from the wall, hiding my interest in his person.
Moreover, my segment rose treacherously.
And the ass, already mentally prepared for the fact that I caress it with my fingers, but deceived in my expectations, was burning and pulsing.
I drove crazy thoughts away from me, trying to quickly wash off the foam and dump it into my unit.
– Hera se! – Anton’s voice suddenly rang out from behind my back.
“Who did this kitty come to visit with us?” Silently and without turning, I continued to wash the foam off me.
– Why are you silent, language swallowed? – grinned undergraduate.

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There were slaps of his bare feet on the tile, and now he was standing behind me.
“Nice ass,” commented the ladies’ man, and squeezed my halves tightly with both hands.
Here I couldn’t hold back a moan, my legs gave way, and I would have collapsed on the floor if Anton hadn’t grabbed me with his strong hands.
He turned me around, pressed me to him so that I felt his giant cock stiffen, and, continuing to knead my ass, I closed my lips with my own, and I ran my tongue into my mouth.

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Everything exploded inside me! The blood in my temples pounded and I completely lost control of myself.
My legs didn’t hold at all, and if it weren’t Anton’s hands that squeezed my halves, I’d definitely have to lay flat on the floor.
My own hands, acting on their own, against my will, curled around the neck of the guy.
I first kissed a man! And there was something in it.
something that cannot be described in words! I completely forgot about the fear of being considered a “fagot” – I wanted him to caress and stroke me.
I understood exactly what a woman feels in a man’s arms – such a feeling of security, and at the same time lust.
I wanted him to put his mighty dick in my ass, and fucked without stopping! For the first time in my life, I felt that I had dreamed of becoming a full-fledged woman! It all ended as suddenly as it began – Anton suddenly pushed me away, and with incomprehensible eyes stared at my stake a segment from which a faint drop of grease hung down to my knee .
– I do not understand – he squeezed out of himself.
– Who are you? – I? – Noise breathing, I asked.
– I – Sasha.
– Freshman.
ca? – it is not clear why, said the guy.
“Well, yes,” I nodded.
– fagot? – clarified Anton.
– Well.
you could say that, ”I nodded again.
Surprisingly, now this word, which I was so afraid to hear about myself, now sounded like a compliment to me.
– That’s what I got.
– handed overgraduate.
– Anton.
– I said quietly.
– Fuck me.
– What? – he was indignant.
– Look at me, – I turned to the wall, having rested my hands on it, and put my ass, having bent my back.
– Look at her.
You liked her so much! Well.
– Well.
– the guy looked anxiously at the door to the shower.
– Not.
– Oh please! – I begged.
– Everyone is asleep, no one will know.
Well, I’m begging you! – Suck? – Anton asked.
– Yes! – I exclaimed with joy, willingly throwing myself on my knees in front of the ladies’ man.
Of course, I lied.
If I caressed my ass with my fingers, I never took it into my mouth, especially such a huge one.
But in order to get it in myself, I was ready for a lot.
Grabbing Anton’s dick by the base, I sent him into my mouth, immediately swallowing the head.
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