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Olga, on the other hand, continued to rise on her knees, standing over me, wrapping her hands around my head and pressing her to her chest.
She stood, but did not sit on my dick, as if she was waiting for an invitation.
By the way she squirmed and moaned under my caresses, it was clear that she herself was unbearable, but she led her game.

I had to send a member to her and sit down.
However, even after that, she did not start moving, remaining with a smile sitting on my penis while I was sucking her nipples.

I pulled away from her and squeezed her ass with both hands and asked: – What is it? Nathrah already? – No, just for the first time I want you to put me on cancer, as you like and tore my ass until you pump it up with sperm to capacity.
– What is the matter? – I asked in surprise and wanted to raise it from my dick and put it on cancer, as she clung to my hands and sadly said so: – The fact is that this will never happen.
After she put her palms on my cheeks and kissed her very gently.
And after a couple of seconds, a mad jump began.

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I finished about two minutes straight into it.
Then we moved to the bed, where in the most classic pose I pumped it with three more portions.
At what time we fell asleep, I find it difficult to say, but it seems it was already beginning to get light outside the window.
This is how our sexual debauchery began.

This incredible story happened after the birthday of one of my classmates.
He was 25 years old and he decided to mark others among his friends at his country cottage.
The holiday was very fun, despite the fact that they drank a little.
Pleasant company and a lot of delicious food did their job.
We spent almost the whole evening, sitting tightly around the table, talking on different topics and playing all sorts of interesting games.
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