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how good, a moan of pleasure broke out of my chest, my eyes were closed, the world exploded with a million stars and how I didn’t want you to stop! But you turned me on the stomach, and I felt your handsome one between my legs.
I arched towards you, and in my gaze there was a silent plea “Come on, take me!” You slowly walked towards me.
“Mmmm, so good.

“Your movements were unhurried, you wanted to give me the greatest pleasure, everything inside me burned, exploded with a hundred sparks, the moans grew louder.
“Hurry!” I gasped.
You accelerated, the movements became faster, I gave in to you, I forgot where I was and only your breath and my pleasure were there.
The orgasm was not long in coming, I collapsed into the abyss of fire and non-existence.
Soon, and you made the last movement leaned on me, went limp, and then kissed the temple and hugged.
“How nice,” you said to me.
And then I was lying on your chest and you were pretty smiling and sifting through my hair, I felt like a kitten, and was ready to purr in your arms.
“I’m happy.
I love you! ”You pretty smiled and pulled me to him.
Three out of five.
This time Kostya woke up by himself.
He had already forgotten how pleasant it was to wake up not from the rustle of a stone, not from a blow, but because he had slept.

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Near the wall nozzles Igor.
He also turned 23 years old.
Such coincidences gave food for thought.
Maxim had not yet woken up from painful breaking, and Masha was in a state of half-delirious half-sleep, sometimes uttered disjointed words and spun in place.
The light in the room was dim.
Kostya decided to stretch his legs and slowly rose, leaning against the wall.
There was a weakness in the legs, but at least they did not tremble like a blade of grass in the wind, therefore it was possible to move away from the support.
Kostya walked between the sleeping cellmates, gradually taking a step more direct and firm.
He went to the place of the wall where the stone usually leaves, and began to feel it, trying to find at least some gap.
But the crack seemed to Kostya herself.
From above, rapidly expanding down.
The bright stream of light blinded the guy, but he heard the gurgling words of the creatures.
Kostya rubbed his eyes with his hands, for which he was grabbed and dragged out of the room.
The touch was softer than from the shield fingers of the giants.
Two half-naked creatures led a person along the corridor, one was the First, the second Kostya was seen for the first time.
Accustomed to the light, the guy

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began to memorize more of what he sees.
Although he saw only the labyrinth of the corridor, sometimes there were windows in the walls that looked more like portholes of space satellites, if they really exist, and not just in cinema.
There was clear water outside the windows, but in one he saw the bottom, clean even from sand, in islands of corals and schools of fish.
And this bottom was moving.
Rather, what Kostya is now moving on.
The corridor often branched and the creatures folded.
The guy did not really know in which direction he was being led and where he was.
Kostya saw the room in which three creatures went, one of which was a woman. Free online romantic sex.

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