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It was a great electronic telescope with a huge zoom and equipped with a night vision device.
Usually during the day Leonid worked.
He did not have to leave his apartment for this, as he was engaged in the design and development of Internet sites.

In the evening, when the working day, measured by him, was over, it was time for rest and his hobby.
He included an electronic telescope and launched on a computer a special program developed by him.
The main function of the program was to save the widescreen images of the source, which was the pipe.
And today he brought to mind one of the blocks of the new order and rose from behind the computer.
It was already getting dark on the street, so the young man closed all unnecessary applications and, transferring the keyboard to the windowsill, settled down at his all-seeing eye.
His hand felt the “enter” key on the keyboard and froze over it.
At nine-fifteen Lenya hit the key for the first time, but the picture did not work.
Two naked little girls, most likely sisters, apparently were going to some event or to visit and change clothes, but the guy had been waiting for something really juicy for too long.
Unfortunately, his wait was not rewarded, and the frame he made was blurred by his own awkward movement at the most crucial moment.
The girls put on their underwear, and Lenya lost all interest in them.
Something about an hour, he moved the eye of the pipe from one window to another, but only closer to eleven o’clock came across what interested him.

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The young couple burst into their bedroom and began to undress frantically.
Lenya took a couple of shots, counting on a long and productive photo session when the girl turned off the lights.
The observer grinned and activated the night vision device.
In his green light, he saw how a girl climbed under a blanket, where her lover was already waiting for her.
Lena did not have a device to remove a blanket from a couple and, having spat, he began to look for new plots.
Soon the lens of the tube increased the naked girl, flaunted in front of the mirror.
She danced and twisted, admiring her reflection.
Her game gave Lena twelve charming pictures of a contented, young person, but then it all ended in putting on her robe.
He still waited a bit, but the object of his observation left the room and apparently was not going to return to it.
The clock was a little twelve, when already desperate Lena was lucky.
Another nudity lover lay on top of the blanket and played with her fingers between her legs.
The thin tulle could not hide it, and the guy began to look at the game of the young person.
Her pen pressed tightly against her body and twisted a little knoll of a pubis raised above her flat tummy.
The girl flexed her back, and her mouth barely noticeably opened up, clearly groaning.
The guy did not see what was hidden behind her thigh, but he easily imagined how her fingers fence with sensitive lips and penetrate between them.
The girl bent slightly to plunge deeper into herself and the imagination helpfully portrayed all the details of this scene in Lenya’s brain.
Meanwhile, the girl’s mouth opened in a silent scream, wider and wider,

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but her pleasures did not end there.
At some point, she broke away from her body and, rising from her bed, forced the observer to freeze in horror.
Did she, too, decided to hide from his field of view? But no, the girl just went to the dresser and, rummaging in the middle drawer, pulled out an object of oblong shape from it.
It was not detailed, but its form itself spoke for itself, and any doubts about this disappeared at the moment when the fragile handles began to apply cream-grease on the baton. Fun sex games online.

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