Granny live sex chat.

Granny live sex chat.
By the way, a little about yourself.
I am 17 years old, I am a dark boy who loves to watch movies and listen to Limp Bizkit.

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At the age of 13, I began to think about sleeping with a man.
Experimented with all sorts of homemade things like “dildos”.
But it never happened.
So, I sat down to watch porn.
Less than five minutes after that, the doorbell sounded.
I opened it and saw in the doorway two men aged 26 in uniform, I realized that I had forgotten to give the alarm.
My dad pays some security agency to have two foreheads come every time I forget to give signalku.
One has a gun, another has a walkie-talkie.
– So, is there someone else in the house? – asked the one that is good.
– Nope, I forgot to pass.
– It is clear that the penalty will have to be paid.
In the evening we will inform your ancestors.
Okay, let’s go.
– He turned to his partner.
– Guys, is it possible without a fine? – I asked a question that has only a negative answer.
I was rather excited from watching and still have not calmed down.
I was wearing only a T-shirt and pants with swimming trunks.
They clearly stood out my standing member.
The one who had a good time searched me with a look from which my chill went down my back.
– Let me in? – foreheads looked at each other, one of them began to go down the stairs.
– We will agree now – said healthy went to the apartment.
– So we watch porn? Nothing like that.
Listen, in general this way: I propose a deal – his further speech was reduced to the fact that they fuck me with a partner and do not inform the ancestors about the fine.
At first I refused, but in my head the pictures of sex with these guys appeared more persistently.
This is the result of the case.
I said okay, just at the time when the second one went into the apartment.

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In his hands he had a video camera, and our face was a satisfied expression.
– I drove the driver.
– he said – well, we’ll get acquainted.
I understand you Zhenya name is? Call me Rahat, and his Pork.
Well, that met.
Lead there where bed.
– he turned on the camera.
We went to the room where there was a large double bed.
Pork tore off her bedspread.
I sat on the bed and took off my T-shirt, remained in some panties.
– Come on, let’s undress to the end! – Rakhat said looking at me through the camera lens.
I took off my panties and looked at Porka, who was also undressed and went to the edge of the bed.
– Take in your mouth – he said.
A member of him and in the semi excited state looked great.
I took his hand near the base and grabbed his head with his lips, stroked her tongue.
Then he pressed her tongue to the sky, began to suck, all increasing in size member.
A couple of minutes later, Pork lay down on the bed, and I continued to suck his dick, kneeling over him, and putting my ass to the eye of the camera.
Rakhat did not keep himself waiting, and soon I felt like his finger, smeared with some kind of cream, began to penetrate into me.
It was very nice, I was even distracted from a member of Spanking.
Soon I felt Rakhat’s second finger moving in me.
“Okay, give me the camera,” said Pork and got out of bed.
Rahat gave him the camera.
And kneeling behind me, he began to drive on my relaxed little ring by the head of his member, who was also already in the cream.
I groaned a little from excitement.
Rahat began introducing his penis into me.
Compared with 19 cm Porka member, his tool looked smaller, about 15 centimeters.
Having thrust a head at me, Rakhat stopped for a second, and then slowly entered me completely.
My moan marked the taking of my ass.
He took a deep breath, and slowly began to withdraw a member of me.
Gradually, Rakhat began to accelerate the frictions, and I began podmahivat him, moaning with pleasure.
His balls beat me on the bottom, and a stifled growl gave our animal fucking passion.
– Come on come on, fuck him as it should – encouraged Rakhat Pork.
– we’ll give you a sweet, then donate a cassette.
– I turned my head to him, and pulled up his embarked big penis.
Then I felt how Rakhat began to cum.
Streams of sperm beat me, and I moved my ass towards him, sitting down on his dick to the end.
Rahat took out a member of me and I sank on my stomach.
– Well, sweet, roll over.
– Pork said.
I fulfilled his request.
Pork sat on his knees between my legs, and stroking my dick, threw my legs on his shoulders. Granny live sex chat.

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