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We thought together with you! – So this is us, but Sasha says that his sons, Yegor and Denis, would be quite suitable for you.
“But I don’t know them that much.”
– And do not.

Sasha will explain everything to them, right? – he turned to his brother.
– Yes.
Will explain.
I think they will not refuse, since it is necessary.
And they will keep their mouths shut.
A key rang at the door, announcing the arrival of Ilya, and the conversation had to be turned off.
But on the way home, the thought was constantly spinning in my head – was it not for nothing that we agreed? Christina, of course, said yesterday that the brothers were even preferable.
What is it to me? Plus two guys for my wife? Or maybe we all started it in vain? But now it’s late, late.
In bed, Christina, exactly apologizing for an unintentional orgasm with a stranger, developed vigorous activity.
True, referring to the fact that between her legs and so she got today, she climbed under the covers, redeeming the guilt with her mouth.
Today, she has surpassed herself in this matter, diligently working her tongue and lips.
When I was already in the seventh sky, a female finger gently squeezed into my anus, pressing down on the prostate.
At that moment it seemed to me that I really feel how the sperm, which is close in temperature to boiling water, rises from the depths of my body, fills my penis and slips Kristinka out of it into my throat with a tight stream.
– Where did you learn so? – It was the first thing I asked, catching my breath.
– The girls told.
– Well, you and talk.
Exchange of experience or what? – No, just somehow, once, by the way, I had to.

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and I remembered.
Here, finally tried.
Cool? – And then! Next time do it too, ok?
– Of course expensive! Christine kissed me on the cheek and pressed, dozing off.
The next evening we were again at the guy.
Aunt Nadia opened again, but Uncle Sasha and his sons were now sitting in the kitchen.
Egor and Denis began to undress my wife with eyes right from the doorway, but having stumbled upon the gaze of her father instantly cooled down.
– And Ilya where? – I asked for order.
– I went to a friend.
He is forever in the evenings there.
– Clear.
Without delay, we headed to the familiar bedroom.
This time the linen on the bed was bright pink.
The white body of his wife looked on him as a model of high art.
Today, given the past experience, she did not wear anything on herself.
Lay down and spread her legs, whispered: – Call.
Men undressed in the next bedroom.
My aunt was also there, and, interestingly, her presence did not bother anyone.
However, the brothers left on their pants, which, however, more like melting.
And now shamelessly wrapped their rebellious dignity.
Uncle Sasha, intending to go first, undressed completely.
And, as

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yesterday, he looked sadly at the sadly hanging organ, then at his wife.
Yegor’s face expressed bewilderment – what are you saying, Dad, did you get ready to do that? Denis, as more intelligent, caught peeking at his father with Aunt Nadia and was waiting with interest what will happen next.
As I.
– Well, both turned away! – commanded the brothers aunt.
Turned away.
Deniska grunted loudly.
Aunt took uncle member in her mouth.
While I watched Uncle Sasha’s gun grows, Denis, turning his head slightly, glances back.
Finding that, thanks to a lucky coincidence, he was out of sight of his aunt, he turned completely, not forgetting to push his brother.
When Aunt Nadia realized that she was giving her husband a blowjob in front of the whole audience, it was too late.
A member of the uncle stood, hardly fitting into her mouth, and everyone watched as she moves her stretched lips over him.
– You can go now.
– she pushed the uncle.
He went out.
I stayed, catching a mischievous spark in the Denisky eyes.
Looking after his father, he threw out his penis and stepped towards her stepmother, who was still squatting: “Nagy, and me?” – Sdurel? – she recoiled, almost falling. Hidden cam hd nude.

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