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The men neighing, after which one began to squeeze her boobs, and the second climbed to her under the robe, pawing her ass.
Alia just giggled stupidly.
– Groom already fucked you? – asked the brunette.

“A couple of times,” she replied.
– How did he react to the fact that you are not virgin? “He didn’t understand — he was a virgin —” Aliya continued to giggle.
A new burst of laughter followed.
Squeezing her, the men began to take off their pants as if on cue, and Alia quickly took off her robe (there was nothing under it) and knelt down.
When the men were undressed, two huge dicks appeared in my eyes, clearly more than 20 centimeters in a not fully erect state and hefty eggs.
– Does your fiance have a big cock? the redhead asked.
– Little.
– Well, it means we will still fuck you – the brunet laughed.
The men began to slap their huyami on the face of Aliya.
Alia opened her mouth and tried to lick them.
When hui finally hardened, red lay down on the ground.
Aliya immediately got up with cancer and, with her head bowed, swallowed the redhead’s cock and began to suck him with obvious pleasure.
– Come on, wafflesch – Alia redhead encouraged Alia.
At this time, the brunet spat on his fingers and thrust two of them in the ass to my bride.
Alia moaned and whined the asshole.
Brunette, turning the fingers in Aliya’s spectacle, pulled out and threw his eldu at her best in the balls – Aliya moaned passionately.
Apparently, the point of my bride was perfectly designed.
Having hollowed it long enough, the men decided to change it.
Alia sat down with her back to the redhead, thrusting his dick at her point.
Brunette took her hair and began to fuck her in the mouth.
For a minute, Aliya sucked the brunet’s cock.
Then he planted in her pussy.
So, two men fucked my bride in all holes, and she clearly enjoyed, feeling the dicks in her pussy and asshole at the same time.
As the orgasm approached, the brunet pulled out his cock and began to jerk off.

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Alia immediately jumped off the redhead and began to kiss the head of the fucking brunette.
Red also got up, and began to plentifully cum on Aliya’s face.
Brunette, before he finished on Aliya’s face, at first spit relishly in her mouth and gave her a couple of slaps in the face.
Apparently, all three of them enjoyed it.
When the last drops of the clown spilled on the face of my bride, Alia licked their dicks.
The men began to dress.
Aliya was reclining, unable to move from pleasure.
– What is the wedding tomorrow? – asked the brunette.
– At seven – Aliya answered languidly.
– Wash your fiance.
Tomorrow morning Vazgen arrives, the three of you could fuck you heartily.
– He himself gets drunk, do not worry – Aliya assured him.
“Well, then Vazgen and his fuck,” the brunet plodded.
– Ok, problyad, do not wear panties tomorrow – I want to fuck you in the restaurant.
“Well,” Aliya was delighted, “I have a mini.”
– Well, everything, until tomorrow – summed up the redhead, and the men jumped over the fence.
Alia slowly got up and went towards the house, purring a song.
I waited for her to leave, vzdrochnul.
I didn’t have to jerk for a long time – I almost finished while watching how my bride fucked.
While I was driving home, I thought all the way how to see how three of them would be fucking Aliya tomorrow.
And yet, I was alarmed by the words that some Vazgen would want to fuck me too.
In the end, I decided to act on the situation tomorrow.
I decided not to tell my bride that I had seen her fucking with two men.
A story about the wedding next time, if readers will be interested.
Tamara was a very beautiful, slim and intelligent girl.
Men liked her.
Colleagues at work secretly sighed at her, knowing that Tamara was married.
Once, when her husband was on a business trip, Tamara was sad, she was so lonely in her soul that she dressed and put on light makeup, decided to go to a small, cozy cafe, not far from home.
The hall was unusually full.
There were no free tables and Tamara sat down at a table where two elderly men were talking quietly.
Tamara felt that both of them were glad of her appearance next to them.
When the slow music sounded, they took turns inviting her to the dance.
Especially Tamara liked Sasha, he was of medium height, with a slightly protruding belly, which did not at all spoil his appearance, but, according to Tamara, on the contrary, made him even attractive.
Sasha turned out to be a gallant cavalier, he especially liked Tamara, and the rest of the evening they danced together.
Their friend

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, having said goodbye, went to his hotel room.
Apologizing, Sasha left Tamara for a few minutes, and, having talked about something with his friend, returned to her. Hiding cam massage.

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