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An elderly woman did a good job and tried to put on pants and leggings, but her son stepped on them with her foot.
She looked at him in surprise.
– What hatched bitch ?! What the creature did not understand? – Tightening the collar, the man gave the mother a ringing slap in the face.

The old woman flopped on the toilet, her cheek was burning.
The collar was taut again.
– Crouch, creature! Lean forward, put your hands on your knees and lift your face! In the pose, the creature! The elderly woman, dutifully, executed the order and was again on the toilet after being hit in the face.
– In the pose, the creature! In a pose! – The man was ruthless, he beat the old woman until he broke her lip.
– In the pose, bitch! – A woman, clutching at the walls of the toilet, with difficulty, rose from the toilet.

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The torturer, by the hair, drew off the woman’s head and looked at her broken face.
– Do you understand everything, asshole ?! – I understood, HOST.
– The old woman began to release her legs from clothes.
When the pants, leggings and socks remained on the floor, the elderly woman remained in the jacket.
She stood in front of her son, trying to cover her lower abdomen with her hands.
“What the hell are you, bitch, all the same!” Shrieks wanted, the creature!? – Forgive, HOST! Sorry for the old fool! Punish me, HOST! – Sobbed the old woman, removing his hands from the belly.
– Well, that’s the same thing, the creature.
Let’s see what we have here? – Raising his hand to the fold of the mother’s abdomen, the man looked at the old woman’s crotch with liquid hair.

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“Okay, fat cow, let’s go to the bathroom!” Upon entering the bathroom, the man unbuckled the leash from his mother’s collar.
The old woman took off her jacket first, and then her bra.
Burning with shame, she stood before her grown-up son completely naked, in this dog collar, she was ready to fall through the ground.
The man was watching his mother, he noticed that, having undressed, she tried to cover her saggy breasts with her hands, but she caught herself and lowered her hands in time.
– What is frozen, whore, climb into the bathroom! Wash yourselves properly, a creature, and then, from you, pissing off, as if from some bomzhihi! And its “hole” as it should, wash, bitch smelly!
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