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I pulled a member out of her ass and went to the edge of the bed where Mishka was on the pillow, Lenochka took my dick in her hands and sent it to Mishka in her mouth, and he squeezed like a baby, Lenka helped to jerk my baby with her hand, and the second caressed Mishkin.
As I finished, as the stars poured out of my eyes, Bear ran past his mouth, something he swallowed, Lenka licked my dick, and began kissing Mishka, licked everything he didn’t finish with me.
I fell on my bed, and the strength left me, I also heard Lenka continued to suck and jerk off to Mishka, how he moaned, and that was that.

the dream beat me.
Mishka’s hangover was heavy, they got home in the morning, we drank coffee, and as Lenka left, she whispered to me; – that we have a lot ahead, which is still cheating.
But this later.
Somehow I and my classmates celebrated my birthday in my apartment.
We then studied in the first year

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and were still unfamiliar with each other.
The company consisted of me, Viti, his elder brother Kolya, Dimona, Tanya and Katy.
All to 17-18 except Kolya, he was already 25.
He was not very clever, but a tall, well-built stallion and fuck everything that moves.
Rumors went about him that he just had a huge dick and he already had half the first-year students of our unaver.
As usual, we sat and chatted on various topics while drinking beer.
We discussed who had how many girls.
Katya and Tanya blushed strongly at the same time, anticipating a pleasant evening and occasionally glancing at Kohl, discussing, probably, which one of them he would choose.
Well, that evening came, everyone was a bit tipsy.
And in order to decorate the evening Vitya offered to play strip cards.
And when the game was already in full swing, suddenly we heard the click of a door lock and tensed.

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“The father should be at work, because he works until the morning, and the mother should come to her friend’s place to spend the night, as we agreed.
The door opened and the doorway appeared to my mom.
She was wearing a tightly fitting gray sports suit, which emphasized her slim figure, or rather her large breasts and flat stomach, and her hips and slightly neat ass with age.
Mom was 37 years old, but Tanya and Kate were not standing next to her.
Despite this, she had a very well-groomed skin and a beautiful face, while she was rather thin and 186 cm tall.
However, each of my friends was taller than her, and Kohl was generally a monster, 2 meters and a closet.
“Hello!” Mom said, stopping at the entrance to the hall and immediately went to the kitchen to lay out what she brought with her from the store.
“Hello!” My guests answered in unison.
“What are we going to do?” Dimon asked me.
Play further! ”I replied.
“Why is it so early mom?” I shouted.
“It happened so,” she also answered loudly to me from the kitchen.
Then she entered the room and, passing by us, took her dressing gown.
She did it with embarrassment.
Vitek and Kohl looked at her hips and ass, they looked very sexy in tight pants, and when she bent over her robe, the tightly dressed priest made Kohl, who could clearly see it, think about something.
Everyone at the table noticed this look and realized that he would have to stick my mom away now.
Returning back to the kitchen to change there, my mother asked jokingly: “What are you playing, strip?”
“Everyone was silent.”
Mom was obviously more fun and a little drunk! “Or maybe I’m with you?” She asked jokingly.
There was silence.
Kiruha’s eyes widened, the girls giggled, and I just turned red as a cancer.
“Come on!” Answered Kolyan, smiling slyly.
I began to resent, but my mother interrupted me: “Yes, I did a couple of laps and everything, but I play well,” but when I was sober, I thought to myself.
Knowing mom’s gambling, I realized that it was useless to dissuade her and was afraid that she would not stop until she won.
Here the game has begun.
The first round lost to Tanya, then Katyusha.
In general, the girls lost to the full and stayed in their underwear.
Mom really played well, had to remove only a blouse, left in a bra.
Kohl the whole game was staring intently at my mom’s hips, his face clearly showed a desire to fuck her right now.
Mom, not nearly embarrassed, but rather teased the guys by flirting and twirling the booty in honor of the victory. Indian live hot sex.

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