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Is it really so!?! She tried her best not to scream at the whole building, she terribly wanted to hug the body of the guard not only with her hands, but also with her legs, but the pantyhose lowered to her knees did not allow this.
It was still a sight from the side! A medical institution doctor, 35 years old, 12 years old, married and unchanged to her husband, the mother of a cute 6-year-old baby, was lying on an old sofa under a 20-year-old boy with shamelessly raised legs, and her pussy, which besides her husband, no one men and I did not see it, accepts and pleasures member of this guy.
Tatiana was covered with a wavelike, indescribable feeling of what kind of stupor in the lower abdomen, it was constantly growing and suddenly! – the feeling of time, space disappeared somewhere, some kind of numbness came, an unimaginable pleasure filled every cell of her body, and the muscles of the vagina began to rapidly decline! Tatiana completely lost control of herself and started screaming, but Anton covered her mouth with her hand.

Anton, felt that vagina.

When I first saw my mom’s new chosen one, I realized that I had fallen in love.
At one point, I gave my heart to a person who does not belong to me.
My mother often attracted the attention of beautiful, versatile and successful men.

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I have always envied her talent for finding a common language with the opposite sex.
She divorced her father long ago, when she became pregnant by me.
During this time I have seen a lot of her gentlemen.
I was almost 18 years old when my mother introduced Egor to me as a future stepfather.
I studied in the 11th grade, I was going to enter the medical university.
My father worked as a doctor, he helped me prepare for exams.
Sometimes I asked him to tell something from medical practice

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Our relations immediately formed.
Egor behaved at ease, fun, never offended me, tried to always support and help.
For a small amount of time he became close to me.
I began to write down everything connected with Yegor in my personal diary.
All experiences and joys were set forth on the pages of a dark blue notebook.
I often described what I wanted from Yegor, what kind of affection, what he would do during sex, how he would behave, and so on.
My feelings for my stepfather grew stronger every day.
As soon as he smiled, my bad mood disappeared without a trace.
I began to refuse all the guys who tried to make acquaintance with me.
They seemed to me very young and void.
Not like my Egor! One day, I came back from school a little earlier.
Since there was no one at home, I decided to slightly fill the magic notebook with the events of the days that had passed with Egor and left her on the table, and then went to the bathroom.
Because of the noise of the water, I did not hear how he returned home.
When I got out of the shower, I caught Yegor with my notebook in his hands.
In one second, I blushed, my heart beat faster, and one thought was spinning in my head “What will happen now ?!” Seeing me, Yegor threw the notebook aside and began to make excuses: -Kach, I really did not have time to read! I thought it was your school notebook. Indian models semi nude.

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