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Dad at this time squeezed together the girl’s buttocks, not allowing her to empty without authorization.
Sandra was terribly difficult to endure, the urge to the bottom all intensified, for mother, although she said that she gave her a small enema, but in fact let in at least 300 grams of water, which for a child of preschool age was a very significant dose.
“My stomach hurts!”, She usually complained, to which mom replied: “Breathe and breathe, deeply and slowly with your mouth and the pain will stop!”.

Sandra began to breathe, but that didn’t always help.
Then papa turned her daughter on her back, putting her in a “gynecological examination” pose, while continuing to squeeze the buttocks or pinching the girl’s anus with her right thumb, and her mother began slowly, gently massaging her tummy in a clockwise direction, saying: “.
so, now the water will go deeper into the intestines, as it will be washed away and the pain will stop! “.
Indeed, usually soon after the start of the Sandra massage, something in the stomach began to growl and the feeling of pain and pain disappeared for a while. Indian nude hidden camera.

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