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After a short rest, I noticed how the phallus pleasantly tickles the entrance to the ass.
Involuntarily, I submitted my ass to meet these feelings, but the imitator, who was not being held in any way, retreated before this attack.
Then lifting the ass and tapping the phallus to the ajar hole of the anus, put his lower end in the mattress.

Holding the phallus with my hand, I began to lower the ass on it.
This time it went more fun, there was no unnecessary stress from having to press with your hands.
Phallus penetrated as if by himself.
Feelings repeated.
The pain was weaker, I was even able to count to ten, until my patience left me.
The next time, biting my lip, I was still able to endure the pain without removing the simulator.
Twisting my ass from the pain, I felt how gradually she, spreading like fever on my sphincter, leaves my priests.
After lying down a bit, without taking out the toys and having rested, I continued the pressure on the end.
Slowly plunging the phallus entered into me all its long, only at the very end having responded with weak pain, somewhere in the depths of the body.
With effort, I began to pull him back.
The experiment ended in complete success, and it could be completed.
I knew for sure that his dick would be able to penetrate my ass, and I can endure the pain that he will cause me.
The sphincter released from pressure pushed with relief, a spent tool.
My body was filled with sensations of heat in a disturbed hole and a hurt severity in a missed pise.
With my left hand, I stroked my overgrown mound soothingly between my legs.

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He immediately replied to the languishingly light pain of stagnant tension in the clitoris.
New sensations captured me.
Continuing to stroke the pubis, I lifted the ass and again sent the mastered toy into the anus.
While the butt fell, taking in the heat of the penetration of a foreign body, my fingers slipped deep into the bud.
For me it was a revelation that if you touch it inside, you can get such a pleasant feeling.
Soon, my finger slipping in a circle, found a place in my puss where the sensations were most intense.
In the pope, the sensation of heat increased from the sphincter stretched to the limit.
Plasticine phallus entered my small hole to its full length.
I felt like a butterfly pinned to a pin.
Soon, because of the finger fluttering around the clitoris, wavy fits of bliss began to grow.
My priest involuntarily shrank, trying to squeeze so ruthlessly stretched her subject.
Waves of bliss rolling down from somewhere in the depths of the body, rested against the stretched sphincter and reflected back from the solid surface of the phallus.
Feelings grew avalanche.
Clenching my arm with my legs stretched out, I wriggled in convulsions of an orgasm, squealing with pleasure.
Return to the ordinary world was sad.
I wanted to continue, but the body was relaxed to the wadded state, it was broken to move and the ass was openly burned.
After resting and resting for a while, I spread my legs and took a mirror and looked at the battlefield.
Phallus went into the ass all, stretched from the stretched anus string string lace, so prudently embedded me in the body plasticine simulator.
Taking the cord in my hand, I pulled it with effort.
The priest instantly responded with the pain of a sphincter stretched from the inside, strained.
The anus swelled and slowly opened up to let out the object that had outraged him.
After destroying the evidence and escaping to the pot, I melted on the bed.
It was worth the risk to try it for real.
My chest ached with impatience to see Valery as soon as possible.
And, finally, our joint science classes again

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ended with kisses and hugs on the wide master bed.
Again, Valery, before going to bed, hugged me from behind and again rested a hard object against my ass.
This time I did not wag shamelessly booty, taking this object aside. Latina mature lesbian cams.

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