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I felt, felt like something below your abdomen was growing, and the

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same was growing at the tip of my penis, a little more, a couple more minutes, and here it is, here, here, it is already here, like an atomic explosion.
We were blown up and carried to the sky, threw up and lowered, and then threw up and lowered, and again.
You screamed, “YESAA!”

I shouted something unintelligible.
I didn’t fall for you, in a minute I came to my senses, and kissed you.
You were still in the grip of pleasure.
Blinking in a smile and not consciously stroking my body.
From under the rug I got a knife.
In one sharp, precise movement, I hit you.
Cold steel in a second heated by the heat of your body.
You died quickly, without noticing and not understanding it.
That’s what I wanted, you wanted it.
You died happy.
I wanted to stab myself in the chest, but I did not have time, whose teeth pierced my hand.
In the leg, ass.
I was devoured, devoured alive.
Until the last moment I covered your body.
And all the time until my heart broke from the loss of blood and pain, I screamed your name.
Until the last second, I didn’t scream in pain, I’m only screaming your name.
Feeling how tear off pieces of flesh from me, how they tear my veins.
Only the name, only the name.
Dawn has consecrated a new picture of the world, dead and empty.
In the rays of the first sun of the new day of the new planet, in the morning foggy haze, two bloody naked skeletons lay in the middle of the square of a small town.
They seemed to embrace in the last ecstasy of love.
So the last people died on a dead planet.

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So died last love.
I have a figure – aaafiget.
Legs from molars – the bone itself crushed and spliced.
Already five times.
At first, it was somehow crooked, but now.
wow, already three hundred years like.
Although I’m telling everyone that I’ll hit 299.
The eyes are beautiful, eyebrows neat, occasionally plucked.
Oh, you look in the mirror and just be moved.
According to my biological in half an hour we have a lover.
um, romantic date, mlin.
An hour has passed.
No, these legs are probably uneven.
It will be necessary to remake.
However, another half an hour.
Half an hour, derailed by a train, without you half an hour.
To recall, in what dimension I heard this song.
Hooked, an infection, would have incinerated that world! Idiot mirror! This is it clumsy !.
twenty five minutes.
– Yes, you will all be lost !!! Horseradish mirror !.
Bliiin! – The mirror shattered into small pieces, one of which stuck in a finger, bleeding.
– This creature even once a month can not be punctual.
Tvaaar! Unfinished animal without imagination and brains.
creeps up to me and under the pretext
aha, seizures of force.
Just think – a white magician.
In the academy, in fact, they took it by chance.
I would not trust him to sweep the floors there.
Cynical idiot !.
By the light of his stuffed only because of the ill shortage.
Light is always not enough, rod them in the ass.
N-yes, these two hundred years have affected Anaksian extremely stupidly.
In the academy, he found more logical reasons to have sex with me.
And now, you see, I am a miscreant villain, the black magician Varginalius, must give away some of my strength.
In this chic way.
Just think – once tried to kill this idiot.
Well, he interfered! But I did not calculate my strength.
Who knew that it would occur to a white man to freeze him: “Do you want to live? Take off your pants and bend down with cancer.
“It turns out that my access to black entropy fields is blocked, that is, magically I am becoming weaker.
Bitch, another time will come: I will get it myself, to the uppermost layers.
By the way, where is he? Maybe it died out.
I have such a wonderful ball for peeping.
Anaxian gave it and, with a grin, scum.
They say that the fact that you will see me at any time will not help you either.
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