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My wife left me, and many friends could not satisfy me.
The eastern city with its mentality could not give me what I had dreamed of for a very long time.
About toilet slavery.

It fascinated and attracted me always.
And the more I thought about him, the more I wanted to become a slave – a toilet for a young and beautiful lady.
However, neither my friends, nor prostitutes even wanted to hear about it.
I tried all the ways of persuasion and did not achieve anything, except that I received a “golden rain” a couple of times.
Little pleasure, just spurred his desire.
And that’s it! But once on the Internet, I found an interesting letter.
And it literally inspired me.
She wrote a young, but already experienced Mrs. from Kiev.
She said that she was looking for a permanent toilet slave.
At the same time, neither experience nor age have any special meaning.
No, I am not an old man, but I am already 40, and she is only 21.
I am a bit complex about this.
And since she doesn’t care, it means all the more to me.
I quickly wrote and sent her a letter with my photo and, in order to interest her, I even promised to pay well. Live chat sexe.

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