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Slightly moving his dick over his genital lips, he abruptly, without warning, burst into my narrow, undeveloped vagina, tearing up the chaff, and, penetrating immediately to the full length of his dick, rested

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in the uterus.
I screamed from the wild pain that had pierced my lower abdomen.
Zhora immediately took advantage of my open mouth, thrusting me along the tonsils.

He immediately began to rhythmically fuck my mouth, and when he was tired, he forced me to sit on my head with his head, caressing the purple head with a brisk tongue and, taking him by the cheek, gently suck.
Hands, meanwhile, too, were in business.
I had to gently squeeze and stroke his scrotum, gently massaging the testicles swelling with sperm with long slender fingers.
He had enough of a couple of minutes of intensive work of my mouth and hands, so that, snarling from pleasure, again to pull a powerful stream from himself.
I groaned loudly, licking and swallowing hot, viscous bald semen cum.
Meanwhile, Abdul, going up to the sofa, began to play with my tits: having washed them plenty, he began to pull and unscrew the nipples, causing me to yelp from unpleasant sensations, and then he took the place of the finished Zhora.
After a couple of minutes of hard churning, Abdul and Tahir finished at me from two sides.
Coughing and spitting, I felt with horror the warm, hot liquid that filled my pussy.
Roaring at the realization of what had happened, I fell down to the floor without any strength.
– Well, baby, like it? Do you understand now what real men are? You will then brag to girlfriends.
– Tair grinned.
– Die, bastard! – I sobbed and covered my face with my palms, trying to isolate myself from everything that was happening.
Suddenly, they lifted me up into the air, and with doom I felt how my long-term member began to penetrate my long-suffering, burning and sore ass again.

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From above one more man began to be attached.
Throwing my hanging legs on his shoulders, he tried to penetrate into my vagina.
I screamed in protest, but the rapists didn’t give a damn – they decided to enjoy to the maximum.
After a bit of tinkering and sitting comfortably, the guys finally got inside and began to make slow, synchronous movements.
I felt their members rub against each other through a partition inside.
My screams only inflamed them and, despite the sobs and pleas, gradually increasing the pace, they began to peck at me in two members with such speed that I lost consciousness from the pain.
I woke up only when the guys decided to change the position.
Turning me a bit, they continued intercourse, penetrating much deeper and making my uterus almost tear under such mad pressure.
But their endurance was the limit.
And here two members, having swelled at the same time, and causing me even more unbearable pain, fed my holes with another stream of semen.
Throwing me onto the floor like a used thing, they silently began to dress, watching indifferently how two streams of semen flowed out of my butt and pussy, stirring along the thighs and legs.
The third rapist, who had not taken part in the general fun for a long time, approached my body lying flat and, ugly grinning, began to urinate on my face.
Crying from the pain in my body and tremendous humiliation, I spat on the warm yellow liquid that filled my eyes and penetrated my mouth.
I began to cry even more, presenting myself now from the side: From the stretched anus of a young, beautiful girl, sperm flowed along with a small amount of blood, stockings were soaked through the feet with seed.
In the area of ??the vagina, too, it was sticky and wet from not yet dried sperm.
The priest still ached and burned with fire.
Droplets of liquid glittered on my face, my hair turned into a wet, stuck together lump. After Tahir approached me and said, throwing a set of the same linen to me as “successfully acquired today” underwear: “On! Earned a slut! By the way what is your name? – Alice.
– I moaned, trying to wipe the face of all the abominations that accumulated on it.
“Well, thanks for the purchase, Alice.”
Come to us again! Try not to be late for your prom! – again damned shopkeepers with their annoying laughter damned merchants and left.
It took a long time before I could at least partially recover and begin to think soberly.
The rest of the day, tormented and exhausted, lurking, I made my way around the city, winding through back streets and courtyards.
I got home only in the morning, exhausted into the apartment and collapsed into saving oblivion.
Come on.
It happened on a hot July day when Klaus and Brigitte decided to collect their beach clothes and go out into the countryside. Live nude show.

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