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Now she was even closer to me than at my last stop.
A meter above my head, a young woman was going to celebrate a little need.
I held my breath.

Blood pounded in my ears.
In time with these blows, my extremely tight member throbbed.
The house was completely quiet, except for the barely audible hum of the big city outside the oval window of the site.
For a moment, all sounds subsided.
“I wonder if she guesses that I hear everything?” – I thought – “most likely she is now not up to it.”
Three or four quick echoing clicks made by Olgin’s heels rang out on the landing.
Obviously, at this moment Olga was even wider spreading her legs in order to sit comfortably and safely.
Immediately after the woman finished stomping over my head, I heard a sharp rustling sound produced by a woolen skirt, which was rapidly bulging in pantyhose.
The sound was like that: “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
The next second, there was a softer rustle – Olga pantyhose with her panties off.
Then came a distinctly distinct click in the silence – a bone in the leg of the woman snapped – Olga sat down deeply.
It took another half a second and I heard a painfully familiar, but no less desirable sound.
Blonde jet loudly shot at the concrete floor.
A joyful gushing noise announced that the celebration of relief had begun.
I was standing very close.
Olga urinated without making any audible extraneous sounds.
It was not heard the slightest rustle of clothes, it seemed she was not breathing and all rushed into a silver brackish stream between her legs. Live sex asian free.

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