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I hurried to collect all her death from pussy and swallow.
She rolled over, spread her legs again in front of me and I thought that she wanted me to lick her again.
I approached her pussy with my mouth, but then she slapped me in the face.

– Do not dare, rubbish! Seryozha, this slut wants to lick my pussy without asking.
– Oh, you slut! Will know! Well, everyone, beware, damn !!! Sergey with double enthusiasm moved in me, I screamed, his head hit me in the uterus, and the member itself tore the pussy from the inside.
finished, he came out of my pussy, plugged her and put the head to the pope.
Has entered.
I fidgeted, after all, a member in the pope was still very unusual.
he did not last long, soon ended in me.
Leaving him lying on the floor, he approached Sveta, began to caress her breasts and kiss her lips.
How I would like to be in her place.
– Come on come on.
Finally, Bogdan came for me.
– Your slut sucks well, – Sergey sarcastically remarked.
– She is still just learning.
Whore, say goodbye to the owners.
I knelt down and kissed the head of Sergey’s member, then moved and kissed Sveta’s legs, but she threw me away.
We got into the car, drove home.
“Tell me how you fucked.”
At home, a surprise awaits you.
– In the ass strapon, I licked the Light.
– I didn’t tell him about the dick in pussy.
Three hours later we were at home, I could barely stand on my feet.
Passed into the bedroom.
and saw a surprise.
on the bed lay another man, blond with fair skin.
– Meet, whore, this is Anton.
Do not disappoint him – Bogdan pushed me from behind.
I timidly approached Anton, he sat on the edge of the bed, I, as befits a whore, knelt down.
Bogdan watched us from the side.
Anton was already sitting without panties.
I immediately began to absorb his penis.

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Quickly moved her head, pouring cock saliva.
He was quite large, about 19-20 cm.
I’m terribly tired for the day, I already physically could not suck cock.
Although a bit even wanted.
I began to slow down my movements.
– Man, something she doesn’t take well in her mouth.
– Like this? Well, Nastya! Suck fine! I looked up from my penis and, with tears in my eyes

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, began to say: – I’m terribly tired-oh-oh! – Oh, you’re tired, whore! – grabbed my hair Anton, – suck fine! Or what, fuck in the throat? – Yes, fuck in your mouth.
– I had no other choice, I was too tired for a blowjob.
I even opened my mouth, when suddenly Anton got cold.
– Okay, sleep come on.
But in the morning you suck me fine, got it? – Yeah! Understood Thank you, sir, – I kissed the head of his penis and scrotum, Anton got out of bed and left.
Bogdan approached me.
Stroked in the face.
– Beautiful.
– He leaned over and kissed me on the lips, I reached for him.
But he has already pulled away – sleep.
I went to bed, immediately fell asleep.
I woke up from the fact that someone entered the room, opening his eyes, I saw Anton.
“Bogdan left,” Anton walked up to the bed, his giant protruded through his swimming trunks, “we have some time.”
He sat on the edge of the bed, I got out of the blanket and sat on the floor.
– No, no, let’s go back to the bed, just lean over it.
– Anton whispered, lifting me by the chins.
I sat on the bed and bent over his member and started teasing the tip of the swollen red head and the hole on it together with the bridle with the tip of the tongue, it seems he wanted to gently.
his hand lay on my ass and began to massage, suddenly his hand found a plug in my pussy.
– What is it? – Anton moved her a little bit in my pussy.
– This is so that the pussy is not fucked, – I said, looking up from the member.
– Well, suck it on.
I continued, my tongue hugged the head, caressed her, I tried very hard, I was grateful to him for yesterday.
The testicles lay in my palm and I stroked them.
Licking, I began to completely swallow it.
as soon as the head touched the neck, and the testicles pressed against my chin, Anton relieved sighed, sticking his finger in my ass.
– You can let go.
I began to carefully remove it from the neck, what a nice member, how good it is to keep one in my mouth.
The best and impossible to imagine.
Anton gently raised my head and kissed my forehead.
“Lie down as you like,” to be honest, I was already a bit fed up with cancer, I lay down on my back, spreading my legs, beckoning Antosh into my bowels. Live sex chat models.

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