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The conversations ceased, and when the eyes had already gotten used to the darkness, Olya entered the room, squeaking quietly through the door.
The girl walked past the bed barefoot, followed by a light bang of soft feet, then sticking, then sticking to the parquet.
I heard the rustle of the jeans being removed, opened my eyes, and in a black and white gamut I saw the fragile silhouette of Oli, wearing only the simplest cotton panties and a tight t-shirt, more like a T-shirt.

The tramp of gentle legs resumed for a short time again, and I lost sight of her when she ducked under her covers to her husband.
Shrouded in mysterious darkness, Pasha and Olya began to kiss.

I closed my eyes and listened to the light sighs and the sounds of continuous kisses.
Pasha was lying on his back, and Olya next to him, in contact with her husband’s thigh and slightly leaning on him.
She put both arms around his neck, kissing him on the lips, on his face, on his cheeks.
In response, he with one hand embraced her back right in the shirt, reaching almost to the end of the back, where a naked body shines through between the panties and the shirt.

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The sighs of the couple became more frequent, the kisses began to emit quietly sucking sounds.
Having improved the moment, Pasha put Olya’s second hand between her legs and slowly began to caress her through wet panties, feeling the softness and suppleness of her crotch.
A quiet but well-discernible moan flowed from the woman’s lips.
Oli’s soft and warm chest caressed Pasha through a vest, gently fidgeting over his naked torso.
The man’s hand was already pushing the woman’s closed labia more aggressively, then gently rubbing them with two fingers, then pressing, pressing her big fingers against her soft stomach.
Shielding her eyes from pleasure, Olya lightly squeezed her husband’s dick through her underpants, pressing her three outstretched fingers on her, not touching her palm at all.
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