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I even more actively earned my hand, pulling at the lips of her entrance and pressing down to the place where the cotton of the panties was supposed to hide the girl’s clit.
Polina pressed her breasts to my chest, touching my side with her left hand.
Suddenly she pulled away, realizing that something was wrong; I unbuttoned the buttons of my shirt with both hands, exposed my torso and pressed my tender nipples against him.

She excitedly rubbed her magical hemispheres about me; I was a little tickled because of the end of her small sharp nipples.
We took turns enthusiastically gasping, as if talking to each other, sometimes silencing for a while to hear the seductive sounds of Natasha’s mouth, which passionately sucked my hard wet cock.
I realized that the moment of a violent eruption into the cavity of Natasha’s mouth was inexorably approaching.
Do I have to say that when two heated tigresses lay next to each other, this would not be the best outcome? I looked into Polina’s eyes and smiled gently at her.
She also smiled sweetly in response, showing two charming dimples on her cheeks.
I playfully smacked her lips and gently pulled Natasha’s hair.
Having understood the hint, Natasha freed my excited phallus from her embrace, and the three of us again admired her slenderness and grandeur.
Both of my hands ran up Paulina’s spread hips, rushing to the thin dark brown strip of her pantyhose, gently squeezing the

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girl’s seductive tummy.

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Here, my hands penetrate under the pantyhose, Polina slightly lifts her ass, and I already tighten the translucent fabric along with the panties from the girl’s magic legs! I run down my hips, here I feel her knees, here are her legs and the last stage: I carefully take off the tangled pantyhose and panties from two little girl’s gentle feet! Polina’s knees again disperse to the sides, leaving her feet closed and in my eyes there is a magnificent spectacle! It was so beautiful that even Natasha, in dismay, looked at her friend’s naked body, unable to look away! Between the two most tender snow-white thighs, topped with elegant round knees, there is an oblong islet of thick and.
dark pubic hair.
The contrast was dazzling and caused some peculiar shamelessness! A dense forest hid a magical cave; the entrance to it was barely guessed by a thin pinkish crease.
Hair near the mysterious folds were wet, some where there were drops of dew around.
The female crotch exuded a captivating tart smell that beckoned my lips to this treasure.
“God, Polinochka, how beautiful you are,” I said, mesmerized by the sight.
Polina looked first at me, then at Natasha, and having read the same delight in Natasha’s eyes, she smiled shyly and embarrassedly, dropping her clear gray eyes.
Throwing away all shame, I pounced on the student’s vagina as a predator.
Firmly holding the hips of the girl in both hands, I stuck out my tongue far away and, pressing hard, tried to push the labia, moving from the very bottom up to the alluring hillock of Venus.
The smell of feminine desire like salaham hit my nose.
My tongue felt at the same time the amazing softness of her skin, the moisture of her viscous lubricant and the rough hardness of her hair, which from time to time irretrievably stuck to my tongue. Livejasmin meganrogers.

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