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Small bumps and patterns on the ceiling became real elements of the relief, in which amazing stories take place.
Sometimes the characters of these stories were you and me.
– And here is the breakfast! – as always with a smile full of sun, you are back.

Well, finally, I thought I could not take another minute without you.
– Again porridge? Lord, I want meat! – You have a diet, meat, no, no.
– When will I be allowed to walk again? “I don’t know, but definitely not today — you ran your hand over your curls.”
“Out of boredom and locked up, I’m losing my mind even more.”
– Do not sulk.
Such a mood does not benefit recovery.
– in a voice you portrayed either the doctor or a strict teacher, and laughed.
– It seems to me.
That is what seems to me under all this your positive, hiding the same helplessness and boundless abyss of boredom and emptiness, like mine.
You are bored, the routine eats you up.
The world lacks brightness and sensation.
Genuine, real.
Everything that happens to one degree or another has already happened a million times.
You want something new, to play with fire, something unacceptable.
Want to break free.
Want true happiness.
But since we are locked in this reality with its hospital walls, I suggest replacing happiness with a surrogate.

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Like Bulgakov in the notes of a rural doctor, I suggest stabbing morphine.
And who knows, maybe this will give us what we want, will grow into something else.
– I grinned and looked at you in anticipation of an answer.
“A strange robe seems to be wearing me, and you conduct psychoanalysis, just young Freud — you laughed — I think morphine can wait, and you shouldn’t change the possibilities of the future for surrogates.”
– you sat on the edge of my bed.
A little white robe ripped up on one side and I was once again exposed a part of my thigh with a dark stripe on stockings and a garter, a black flying alluring like a sweet chocolate road further to a fabulously beautiful body, promising to fulfill all my dreams, to realize forbidden dreams.
Oh, if this garter ribbon could whisper with her black velvet tongue, with her whisper she tempted me better than any devil or vodka glasses in a frosty night when you were alone in a hunting lodge sitting by the stove.
You saw what I see, see how I look, on the silk skin of the thigh, on how the thigh passes into the elastic buttock.

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You have seen with what admiration I look at it, no matter how hard you try to hide emotions under embarrassment and supposed indifference.
You like it, you get pleasure from it, a piece of pleasure and a bit of excitement.
Looking into each other’s eyes, we both understand that.
But do not speak out loud.
– And now open your mouth, come on, you should know so – you convinced me, even though it was not necessary, I would take poison from your hands – Well, well done, – bitterness of the tablets hit her throat. Mary moody record private show sex video.

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