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However, all good things come to an end, and soon Anna was again wearing a chastity belt.
There were already familiar clicks, and Anna again felt the weight of her belt on her hips.
After a moment, the massive front plate pressed down on the freshly shaved pubis.

“Okay,” Miss Jay finally announced, “Everything is done as it should.
Now you are locked up again, and your precious pussy is safe, as if in Fort Knox. ”
After that, Miss Jay began some kind of mysterious manipulation of a small device resembling a PDA.
Judging by the touch that Anna felt (her face was still fingered up), Miss Jay connected the mysterious device with a cord to some kind of belt cell.
The device in the hands of Miss Jay squeaked and blinked lights.
After seeing Anna’s questioning glance, Miss Jay condescended to explain: “The last word of technology — this device diagnoses the condition of your belt and gives information about the damage.”
Miss Jay, to Anna’s relief, took off her collar and leather cuffs.
Anna smiled gratefully at her and turned her head, enjoying the returned freedom of her movements.
Despite the fact that she did not give her any commands, Anna, after she was unleashed, did not dare to get up from her knees and sit on the sofa – she again sat down on her knees on the carpet, putting her hands on her hips.
Pulling a massive old-fashioned ledger from her briefcase, Miss Jay began to fill out a report.
“You will need to sign my report when I finish.
You can watch what I write – I am always frank with my wards “: July 16.
Weekly check.
Removing the belt, checking its serviceability, cleaning and installation on the owner.
Test computer diagnostics.
Full owner survey.
Shaving, cleaning the vagina and surrounding areas.

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The owner in the course of the survey is completely limited, the belt is completely removed.
Belt condition, and inspection results.
“First of all, judging by the secretions on the back of the shield of the vulva, you seem to

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be a little overheated there.
I do not understand why.
Do you wear underwear over your belt? “” No.
Only belt “Miss Jay nodded.
“Maybe the whole thing in the shield that covers the vulva – you have a very wide pubic bone.
I don’t want to change the specifications of your belt unless absolutely necessary – it can make masturbation possible, and I don’t want it.
It may be that you are one of the big girls, and they tend to sweat more than others, so this may be the case.
On the other hand, irritation could occur due to constant arousal.
I see you have breasts of immodest size — maybe you just often use them for masturbation “? Anna remembered that June expressed such assumptions.
She blushed: “That you, Miss Jay, nothing like that.”
Miss Jay didn’t seem to particularly believe Anna’s words.
“Well, that’s all they say.
My experience shows that few people of your age can avoid the temptation to have such a large bust.
I’m afraid, sooner or later, you will also try to resort to this method.
In this case, I have not very good news for you, Anna – we are working on the creation of pectoral plates.
The boys in the production department with their inherent rudeness call them.
“boxes for boobs”.
Their official name is “breast blockers”.
Miss Jay paused to make Anna aware of what she heard.
Anna, eyes wide, looked at her.
“Are you going to lock my breasts at the same time?” “Quite possibly,” Miss J answered her.
“Breasts like yours are too sensitive.
If the situation with overheating of your vulva does not change, I will bring a prototype breast blocker.
It is very lightweight, made from special unbreakable fiberglass.
Most of all, the prototype looks like a big bra, locked to a lock, of course.
If I decide to put it on you, you will wear it daily, with removal once a week for cleaning, during my inspection.
Do you understand everything? “Anna nodded silently.
Miss Jay knew how to thrill her and make her listen.
“Good,” continued Miss Jay, “so where did we stop ?: Belt condition, and inspection results: Overall, the belt is in good condition and performs its functions normally.
The owner has overheating in the vagina.
The following reasons are possible: 1) The shield of the vulva is too tight.
Recommendations: Check and adjust.
2) Wide front plate causing overheating. Mature naked webcam.

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