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Andrew occasionally glanced at the next couple, his wife’s wide hips held tightly with their hands, Oleg and methodically swayed, now clinging, now pushing himself from Oksana’s backside.
Andrew, speeding up the pace, inflated him to such a speed that Larissa was already howling at the top of her voice.
The room was already bright, and Andrew felt a rush of zealous lump in his throat at the sight of his wife giving in to another man.

For an inexplicable reason, he, repeating to himself the same phrase “I fuck your wife too, I fuck your wife too,” licked the thumb of his left hand and inserted him into Larisa’s ass for the entire length.
The woman screamed at the top of her voice, “Oh my God, what are you doing to me,” and she finished, shaking her whole body finely, and fell on her stomach.
Oleg, also accelerating the pace, lowered into Oksana and fell off to his wife.
Andrew, not allowing Oksana to change his position, stood behind her and inserted his dick into her.
His wife looked around in surprise, but Andrei, not giving her any chance, began to move powerfully in her.
And looking at his friend’s exhausted wife, lying next to him, at Oleg himself, at a drop of his sperm on his pubic hair, Andrew, feeling a wild delight from that night and early morning, from the fact that he himself takes his faithful, began to roar and end, tormenting the hips and buttocks of the spouse, fell on her back and not taking out the member, began kissing her back, neck and neck, trying to caress her breasts and lower abdomen, whispered “You are mine, do you hear, you are only mine!”.
It’s good that it was Saturday morning and I didn’t have to go to work.
Exhausted guys agreed to meet in the evening at the Antonovs, and before that get some sleep.

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As soon as Oleg and Larisa left, Andrew lay down under the barrel of Oksanka and pulled his wife to him.
Oksana did not understand what was happening with her husband, because there was plenty of sex all night and morning.
And Andrew healed her from head to toe, pressed his mouth to her vagina and frantically began to lick him, as if cleaning him from the presence and smell of others.
As soon as his wife began to moan and begin to moan, Andrei introduced a member into her and, like a thirteen-year-old boy, who was first alone with a woman, finished two or three movements.
Tears and buried his face in the chest of his wife, Andrew almost immediately fell asleep.
The instituted Oksana did not insist, thinking that in the evening she would take hers and, tucking the sheets between her legs, so that the sperm of men would drain from the vagina.
She rolled over on her side and fell asleep with a surprised smile on her face.
In the evening, Andrew woke up from singing his wife in a

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shower stall, Oksana came out naked and, wiping herself with a towel, sang a popular hit.
– “Hey, sluggard, stop lying around, the guys are waiting,” she braked her husband.
The lips of her trimmed vagina were swollen, and there were distinct fingerprints on her thighs.
– “Oleg, an infection, firmly kept the machine” – thought Andrew.
A feeling of possessive jealousy again flooded him, he remembered with what pleasure Oksanka sucked a friend’s member, as she waved him, to meet his jolts, how Oleg drove his not weak arm into his vagina and how his wife’s buttocks shook with each blow this moaned.
“Listen, how did we venture on this?” He asked his wife.
“Yes, you were in shock, exhausted poor Lariska to death,” Oksana replied, pulling on her black stockings and fastening her openwork belt, “but I’m not jealous, take it easy, I don’t think it’s all erased.”
– “Yes, but jealous me!” – Andrey was indignant.
– “Andrei, what did I fuck on the side with a stranger man, did I give you horns?” Oksana made surprised eyes.
– “But you behaved like the last fucking” – continued her husband.
“Andrei, do you want to offend me? So the word “fuck” is quite a literary word, this is the first, and the second you did not forget, as the first gave Lariska a head in her mouth, and my friend? Or is the best defense an attack? And remember that you took me as a girl and taught you everything too, and you are my first and only man.
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