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Inside she was so narrow that my dick practically crushed the vaginal muscles.
Fucking such a twat was a pleasure.
The member barely slid inside a warm, welcoming, trembling hole.

Anya, unable to hold herself back, grabbed the white-haired head by her hair and drowned it with all her might in her young crotch.
Loudly screaming, she huddled all over in a clitoral orgasm and sank into the water.
After sitting so little, the schoolgirl, without getting out of the water, walked over to the nearest paparazzi and, taking him by the hands, brought the smartphone closer to her face.
– I am Anna Makozolova, I just finished in this fountain from the fact that an unfamiliar girl licked my pussy.
Look, – and an excellent student, with one leg on the board, lifted the camera to her shiny moisture and still trembling sex lips.
– I really liked it.

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Write me down, please, as a “whore” – I will be very pleased.
Call anytime.
Bye Bye! This even I did not expect from her.
Yes, and my blonde, hearing such an interview, began to cum, squeezing my penis with vaginal muscles like a vice.
Holding out longer was already beyond my strength, and I began to flood the bowels of my mistress with accumulated sperm.
“Not me,” the girl moaned.
– It’s late, my not changing, – and I tried to immerse myself even more into a quivering pussy.
Anya, meanwhile, having run naked around the fountain, had already fished her skirt and, having unscrewed, pulled on a wet, wrinkled piece of matter on her slender thighs.
The evening went on.
Leaving, we noticed that our blonde was allowed into the crowd, fucking two dicks in front and behind, but we were no longer interested.

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We went from the square, looking for new adventures.
Martin Norman could safely be considered a lucky man.
He had almost everything that any normal person could dream of.
Martin was from a wealthy, respected family, born and spent most of his life in New York.
His father, Fred Norman, was a big man on Wall Street with extensive connections that allowed him to get his son into the best schools in the city.
Later, the young man, deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps, went to study at the country’s leading business college.
Now, at the age of 28, he held the position of representative of a large trading company, and in particular led business negotiations with foreign clients.
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