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She immediately grabbed the toy and pulled it into her mouth.

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Vladik did not last a minute.

In his convulsive movements, I understood.
That he began to pour into the mouth of my girlfriend the contents of his crowded testicles.
I, too, had no sense in holding back.
Almost immediately after the first streams of Vladik I, damn excited by the situation, started shooting hot sperm fountains, which immediately brought Ninochka to the next orgasm.
Then we rested for a few minutes.
And when the forces returned a little.
They sat down to the table and drank glasses filled with me before sex.
Orange slices during this time even managed to dry up a bit.
Needless to say, that evening Vladik and I helped Ninochka to reach the peak of bliss more than once.
And then, when I escorted her home, she clung to her shoulder and promised to arrange me some fabulous holiday.
I did not know yet whether I would show her the recording made from the very beginning of the evening.
Maybe someday, when our feelings cool down a little, to revive them and make a pleasant surprise.
Romana was accepted into the institute as an assistant and immediately sent to graduate school.
His parents considered this a merit of Lera, and therefore decided to arrange a magnificent wedding for them as a thank you.
In his heart he scolded himself and them.
Well, she gave up this wedding, who needs this booth, Why I agreed.
From only one thought he jerked.
Again, these drunken guests will scream: “Bitter! Bitter!”
Then the bride will begin to take a photo of the bride, another sheet would be shown for complete falsehood.
We lived with Leroy, and we would live as before.
No, give them a wedding.
Dissatisfied, he got into the car, and they drove for the bride.
Having solved several puzzles prepared by Lera’s sister and friends, Roman entered the house.

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He looked around trying to see his beloved.
His gaze involuntarily stopped at the bride sitting at the front table.
Then he looked again around the room and all those present.
In his head everything turned upside down, somewhere in the distance he heard Lera’s farewell voice, which said that everything that was with us was in the past, now you will have another life, another girl, she is not evil, she is more virgin take care of her.
He continued to look around, peering out his Lerochka, until the voice of his mother-in-law woke him up.
What son in law do not know which side to sit.
Roman looked again at the bride.
Yes, what a beauty, I have never seen such divinely beautiful girls in my life, her eyes, her smile, but this is Lera.
Then he realized that his place was next to her.
The whole wedding Roman never took his eyes off the bride, he thought it was a dream, and was afraid to wake up.
Guests scored when shouting “Bitterly”, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:: 55, 56, threw counting, took glasses and drank, and the young continued to merge into hugs.
The first day of the ceremony was coming to an end.
It’s time to shoot a photo.
Romana again, something was starting up.
The cats scrubbed at his heart, he could not imagine that such a seemingly not vicious girl of unearthly beauty with the face of an angel could not be a virgin.
No, this is not the Lera, she said goodbye to me, but this God sent me from above.
All friends and foes present at the wedding envied Roman.
They truly only in the bride’s attire could appreciate the true beauty of a slim, slim girl with big blue eyes, which from a beautiful duckling turned into a beautiful swan.
And now many were looking at her, devouring their eyes, wanting her even more.
Some even said out loud: “Yes, Roma, it will be difficult to keep this, but also on a leash, you are not afraid to take it away.”
But this did not bother him, he believed that Lera would be his most faithful wife.
He was more worried that he would never have his first wedding night in his life.
After removing the photu from the bride, and tying a kerchief, the elder sister of Roman handed over the keys to the apartment, and said: “We are going with the guests to our parents, and you go to us.”
Three friends of Roman followed them, grabbing alcohol.
Still sitting at the table, Stas told how they walked at a classmate’s wedding.
The bride with the bridegroom and the boyfriend got so drunk, they all fell on the big bed, and he fucked the boyfriend first, and then when he went to the bath, and when he got back mixed up, the bride too. Naked boys on cam.

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