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Initially, she stroked me from head to toe, then walked over my legs, especially concentrating on my heels.
I thought it would be ticklish, it turned out that there wasn’t – just nice.
Brooms walked through my body, I received pleasure unknown to me earlier.

Steaming and whipping me from all sides, Tatyana gave a couple more.
– Come on now you me a little bless.
She lay down on the shelves, and I, as I could, floated her.
– Oh, well, how! Let’s go now rinse.
We left the steam room, and Tatiana began to water me and herself with cool water, stroking my hand.
“You are a beautiful girl, Katerina,” she said.
– And Tits, and even where the ass.
With the guys already, I suppose, with might and main Baha? “No, aunt Tan, I don’t bang,” I laughed.
– Yes, it is really tselka yet? she exclaimed in surprise.
Such questions confused me, but Tatyana was so sincere in her surprise that I confirmed that I was still virgin.
It turned out that I really was still a virgin, although all my friends have had sex with guys for a long time.
– Here, and they say that all city – slut! That’s right, Katya, take care for your husband, he will love you more for it.
My Tolik was my first, only he was alone, oh, and he loved me! – To meet still such good that I loved, – I smiled.
“You will meet, you will certainly meet,” she assured me.

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– But, probably, Hotz something this thing, eh? Adult girl, I suppose itching already? I was completely embarrassed by her questioning, and she continued: “Sekele, you know, probably, you are too often? – What are you talking about, aunt Tan? – Well, Sekel, – she ran her hand between her legs, showing.
– Are you talking about masturbation? – I finally guessed.
– I don’t know how you call it in the city, maybe it is.
When I was a girl, everything was on fire, I was twisting three times a day.
My mother taught me when I entered my age.
– Did your mother teach you to masturbate? – I

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could not help wondering.
– Why is this such? My mother, and her – her mother, my grandmother.
It is our way, mothers of daughters are taught, and fathers of sons.
Our father died early, my mother and her brothers raised me alone, it was hard for her without a peasant.
Come with her, it happened, in the bath, so she lay down on the bench, spread her legs and let herself be pleased with the handle of the ladle.
He is satisfied, satisfied, then groans, arched: “How sweet, docha!” And at first I’m going to give it a nap, then I’m tits too, and I miss my gray hair with a finger, I’m screaming so good to me.
And my brothers with their uncle, the mother brother, went to the bathhouse, also jerked off together.
Tolik my, when our sons grew up, also taught them to jerk off, and he pulled the roots himself.
And only a bath once a week, and between legs itches every day.
So I climbed on the stove, my hand under the skirt and let me play.
Nayarivaya and moan.
The mother laughs, says: “Look, so that the brothers would not see, they would not be mad at their sister-sister”.
But she said that it was good that I would not start early with the guys on the hayloft to roll and not bring in the hem.
And so it happened, at twenty years old, Tolik met her, and the fucking peasant only saw when he called me in marriage, and spoke to my mother. New sex cam.

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