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Putting it a little higher on the sofa.
she opens her mouth shows me that his sperm is still in her mouth.
And not paying attention to it.

She literally throws herself at us and starts to screw her lustful tongue into me.
Understanding that my woman kisses me full of sperm in her mouth.
I suddenly fall on the couch.
and faint.
I am already 16, I thought only about one thing.
“What a cool ass Natasha, who sits in front of me.”
But as always, and scary and want, and what to do.
so again I did not budge.
We sat for probably 4 hours, as always shouted, fooling around and sipping beer.
Today is the birthday of one of ours, we decided to celebrate and got ready to rest.
Kompashka was not big, I am still three guys and two girls.
I was the youngest.
but I wanted everything.
and understood that the chances are small.
Well, by the way.
what I’m talking about
Everything interesting was later.
“Later” It was already dark.
Yes, it’s a bloody summer, the heat is unbearable.
Not a big party over, friends slowly began to go home.
We Lehoy go one way, and we walked together (By the way about Lech.
A tall guy, slim, blond and always smiling, at that time he was 19 years old).

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On the way, they still drank a beer, and without keeping so much of him in themselves, they went to the nearest bushes to pee.
Slowly and staggering, we stood beside him, unbuttoning his jeans, and quickly pulled back his shorts and began to relieve himself.
And even at that moment, for some reason, he was smiling

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, and having slightly squinted at me, he took out his penis.
naked the ribs and turning to me began to piss.
org) His head came under a small ray of light of a lantern, breaking through the foliage of the bushes, it just crashed me.
I could not take my eyes off her, or even did not want to, and felt that in my hands my small and modest boy was already standing up.
I froze and embarrassed a little turned away and tried to finish the job.
But it was not there, Lech came up to me and put his hand on his shoulder and said: – Why are you so embarrassed? What’s the matter? – Noo.
Nothing, – I ate audibly, I answered and quickly hid the member turned to Lech.
– What is your dick worth? are you already awakened at me? – with a laugh, he said to me.
“Yes, not that you are,” he answered in a shaky voice and turned his eyes to the floor, and immediately stumbled upon the already-standing stake, at times the enlarged member of Lehi, protruding from jeans.
Lech came even closer, almost tight.
“Do you like my dick?” He asked quietly, and without letting me answer continued, “Duck, take a touch, it will be easier.”
With these words, he took a step closer and grabbed my hand to send it to the member.
I grabbed it with my palm.
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