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Office online chaturbate video sex. A real living Mongolian statuette! There was nothing Mongoloid in his wife, rather, she looked like a southerner — a Greek or Italian — but for some reason this comparison was very pleasant, as a compliment.
The artist asked her: “How old are we?” Eleven! I shouted before my wife could answer.
She sniffed and covered her face with her hands.
Eleven? No, something does not look like.

It can not be – said the artist, looking at his wife with almost fatherly affection – in eleven years can not be such a wonderful chest.
Probably all fourteen, or even fifteen?
When the truth became clear, the children of the “Mongolian statuette” were presented to the artist – it was possible, as they say, to give a curtain.
The figurine itself did not know where to go from laughter and embarrassment.
The artist began drawing.
It was obvious that he was inflamed with special sympathy for the “statuette” – he spoke with her affectionately, called him his beautiful woman, and undertook to draw on her a large and complex drawing.
He worked with obvious pleasure, special attention.
giving “wonderful breasts” – each mother’s sis became an animal muzzle (to the delight of the kids).
He was constantly throwing up compliments — a shape, eyes, youth, bust, hips, “porcelain waist” —and his wife was embarrassed and melted, but I did not know how to react to this.
He did not say anything greasy, vulgar, everything sounded very beautiful – “as an esthete”.
And he attached the kids to keep the colors, and they immediately smeared to the ears. Office online chaturbate video sex.

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