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As if I had been injected with some kind of immobilizing vaccine.
– Well, I went, right? – the wife asked again, and here Lyokha grabbed her hand and dragged her, – I’ll be right there, Seryozha, – this is the last thing I heard before the door to the bedroom to Lyokha closed, and the lock.
“Well, great, now what – he will fuck her when he wants?” What kind of husband am I after that? ”I asked myself mentally questions.

Some rustling began and lasted about 15 minutes.
Then the door opened and the wife came out with bed.
She came up to me and said: – I will leave for washing.
I looked at her face and clearly saw a white drop in the corner of my mouth.
Immediately everything became clear – she sucked him and this is sperm.
Did she swallow cum? Or what else could it be if there is a drop hanging from her mouth.
It was my dream to finish my wife in the mouth, but she never let me do that.
The wife went and I spent her fucking body with my eyes.
To be continued.
It was when I was 20 years old, she was 18, her name was Xenia.
To all had the opportunity to present its high 174 cm weight 51 kg.
Slim with a good figure, a good trimmed ass, and a second chest size.
We met at the institute and our communication grew into a romantic relationship that lasted a little more than 3 years, and during that time a lot of things happened.
Briefly about how she presented herself to me.
Our first sexual intercourse took place after 2 months of our meetings, or anything especially was not in it, a simple missionary pose, under a blanket.
And to describe here, I do not see the point, t.
She was always locked in sex and modest, saying that before me she had no one, but I knew that it was a lie.
But did not betray this value t.
for me it was not important.
Then her essence, climbed out, and she showed what she really is a whore and how she loves to fuck.

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Yes, as it turned out it was in whom.
Her mother.
Natasha, Natalia Vladimirovna! A woman of 40 years, but she looked about 30 years old with a small tail.
Tall, slender, with long legs, elastic, taut ass t.
constantly attended fitness, very beautiful face.
There was one minus in her appearance, this is a small chest.
Her little tits probably didn’t even reach the first size, they were just nipples that always stood.
Then one day we went to the Altai mountains by car to rest “savages”, I, with my faithful and her mother, and here are the packs at home packing things in the car.
And so I went to pick up women.
When I arrived at their house, I looked at the women standing, or rather, at Natasha’s mother.
She was wearing short denim shorts that stuck into her labia and

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a short top without a bra was wearing on top, so her nipples that were always stuck out were visible.
My missus, not inferior to her mom, and put on a short denim skirt, which barely covered her pussy, top mesh T-shirt.
And so we loaded our things and started to sit down in the car, Natasha’s mother sat in the back seat, but not in one of us, but in the middle.
And when she climbed into the back seat, I looked in the mirror, and I saw at the moment when she was moving on the seat and involuntarily spread her legs, that there were no panties under the shorts, and her pussy lips were slightly exposed.
Ksyusha sat down next to her, sitting down on the seat, her short skirt turned up, exposing her sweet pussy wrapped in lace panties of a poisonous green color.
The sight of these two women in such outfits turned me on immediately.
And my dick started asking outside.
Trying to get distracted, we set off on the road, after 8 hours, I tried all the way not to think that there was no panties on the woman sitting in the backseat, but my eyes randomly looked out for her crotch in the rear-view mirror.
And it seemed to me that I do it so carefully that no one notices or anything.
But I was wrong, I was very wrong, my mother Natasha noticed that I am peeping about her daughter and looking at her.
org) And, it seems, it only excited her, and she began to push her long slender legs even more, so that her lips even licked from tight denim shorts.
And when our road lasted for 3 hours already, we decided to stop in order to take a break and go to the toilet.
We stopped on the side of the road, and I went to the bushes to relieve myself, I thought I found a secluded corner, pulled out my protruding dick and tried to pose, thinking that I was alone. Online chat seks chatlberi free.

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