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It is bad when the owner leads women.
Very rarely, then she falls into licking someone else’s pussy, and already half-naked cock and sperm mixed with someone else’s lubricant in her mouth.
But mostly then she sits in a dark room, listening to other people’s moans and screams.

Oh completely forgot! – heard the voice of the owner.
– This is my wife.
If you want, you can use it.
She is perfectly trained and forbidden to oppose anything.
Only, please – do not mess a beautiful thing.
And further! She performs everything on command, no initiative is allowed to her.
If, again, you do not order it to her.
The owner comes to a kneeling woman, unbuttons her pants and inserts a member into her mouth.
As the owner said, Stella does only what is ordered.
Therefore, she obediently portrays the statue, still raising the boobs, and only opens her mouth slightly to let in the head.
She is not told to suck, and she only makes a sponge a ring around the penis.
Is she a slave? – unfamiliar voice excited and surprised.
The owner takes to fucking Stella in the mouth, putting his hand on the back of the head. Online live sex movie.

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