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“Yes, he put his big dick into my pussy and started fucking me,” the wife continued and didn’t cry any more, “he fucks so well, I couldn’t resist.
– Better than me? – I asked.

– Yes? better than me? – I do not know, otherwise, somehow vulgar, I could not hold him back.
Forgive me, – began to cry again wife.
– Did you like it? “I don’t know,” answered the wife, “this is unusual.”
– T.
after that you continued to fuck with him and you do not know whether you liked it or not? – I asked leading questions.
– Yes, I liked how he fucked me.
Did you want to know? – his wife screamed with a little malice and it seemed to me that Lech could hear it, – he has a big dick and he reached for my uterus, I covered an orgasm, what could I do ?! – already with reproach to me the wife spoke.
– T.
that day when you went to suck him for the money, you already fucked him, it turns out so? – I asked.
– Yes.
– now the wife answered guiltily.
“Fine,” I said ironically, “and what are we going to do about it now?” – I asked my wife.
“I don’t know,” the wife lowered her head.
– Ok, go get dressed, put yourself in order.
I need to think, I said.
The wife got up and in the place where she sat there was formed some kind of puddle.
I first thought of a shower, but no.
Gosh, that’s sperm.
What? It turns out Lech finished her vagina? “Tanya, wait,” I stopped my wife, “I don’t understand, what did he end up with you?” – I asked her.
“Yes, probably,” answered Tanya, embarrassed.
– What? How is it, probably? Do you understand what this means? – I did not let up.
– Well, I still can not get pregnant, why are you so afraid ?! – the wife was naively surprised.
– How can you not? The doctor said clearly, wait for the moment.

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– I dont know,.
so many years have passed.
Sorry, I didn’t think about it, – Tanya turned around and left the room and didn’t even let me finish.
I sat in shock.
Just that I found out that my wife has been licking my friend’s eggs for more than a week, sucking him, fucking him and he quietly pulls sperm into her.
In all the years of our life together, she never sucked at me the way she did at sucking him today.
I am already silent about sex, which was so monotonous and boring that I didn’t talk about any posture of cancer.
Apparently Lyokha waited for his wife to come out, and immediately jumped into our bedroom.
– Listen, brother, it’s my fault.
If you are offended, then remember our youth.
Together we were chilling chicks right and left, ”Lech began his monologue,“ why are you offended ?! ” Yes, she is your chick, your wife, but what the difference, chick and in Africa chick, you know? “This is my wife, with whom I lived 5 years, and not a whore, who has been in the field,” I said.
“Well, what shall I do, friend, if it has flowed before my eyes.”
When we sat then, translated, she sat in stockings and when she got up I saw that her girlfriend’s panties were

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And now tell me that she is not an ordinary chick? You should have seen her swallow my dick.
– Lech did not want to let up.
– Well, I believe, – from these details, my began to get up stronger.
“If you do such a thing, bro, today I’ll pick up the things and eat them,” said Lech.
– Where? Is the repair already finished? – for some reason I asked.
Although, after all these events, it would be logical not only to expel him, but first to knock him out something.
– No, I still have 5-6 days left, – Lech hesitated.
“Then stay until it’s over.”
And then you will leave, – I could not believe what I was carrying.
“What stay? His dick just stared the vagina of Tanya, my little wife, and I invite him to stay ?! Maybe I will offer him to go to our bed and fuck his wife in front of his eyes? ”
From these thoughts I got a stake.
– But what about Tanya, I don’t know directly, I somehow felt ashamed, man, – declared Lech.
“I felt ashamed of him.
You watch
It is not a shame to jerk off in front of my wife’s nose, but it became shameful to stay.
“Okay, let’s forget,” I declared, and got up to leave the room.
But then he remembered his dick and sat down again.
– Lada, frets.
I’m leaving.
I will not enrage once again.
Well, you, man, a true friend, – said at last Lech and went out.
My wife got dressed, Lyokha too.
We had dinner and somehow extended the evening. Online sex tv movies.

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