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And so, her three fingers, entered my pussy.
I screamed in pain, but immediately received a blow on the back with my fist.
What, bedding, does it hurt? Shut up, otherwise, not so even hitting.

And then her fingers began to study my insides.
Mene was painful, and at the same time pleasant.
My tears rolled, probably more from resentment than pain.
I don’t know why, but I was starting to like it.
And then the thumb, of the same hand abruptly entered my ass.
I screamed again, the second blow fell between the shoulder blades.
And so I felt like a thumb, met with the index finger, through a thin partition.
And then her hand began to make progress.
When her fingers were completely out of two holes, they touched each other, and then again they were buried in different holes to meet again.
I’m not a joke, began to wind up.
At first a slight moan escaped me.
Then I began to wag my ass.
Thekla, caught my buzz, and abruptly pulled her fingers out of my holes.
She took me by the hips with her hands, – this is how men take a woman when they fuck her with cancer.
And strongly clung to my ass and the current pussy, her tight “hair”.
When she undressed, I immediately drew attention to this head of hair.
And I, involuntarily, had a desire to dig into her face.
When she pressed her front end against me, I felt how her head of hair began to tickle my clitoris and everything around him.

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Naturally, I groaned loudly and was about to finish, but this bitch smacked me again on the back.
You will stop when I say.
Now lean lower and spread your legs wider.
She rubbed so hard about me that I had to clench my teeth and, without uttering a sound, cum several times over the quiet one.
Yes, by the way – this was for me the most severe torture at that time.
And then she, away from me, slammed her heavy hand over my buttock, and poured water over me again.
So, she says, you have two great holes – they’ll go for the countryside.
I have such a compliment, tears came out in my eyes.
How much I fucked and licked, and no one had the idea to insult my holes.
And then some village, something writhes from themselves.
I felt hurt to the depths of my soul, and I tried to argue with her, but immediately received a loud slap in the face.
You, “forest litter”, still, something will blather me? I love you for it, locked up in the cellar for the night.
I will teach you how to fulfill my whims without question.
I shut up and say.
Yes, Mistress.
That’s the same thing.
And we will have such a program today, now you will wash me, then you will get it all out, and then our men will arrive in the evening.
And so take a washcloth and come on, wash me.
I caught her anger changing to mercy, and let’s try.
When I washed her all over, and then I rinsed, Thekla said.
Now, at me, you will lick all holes.
And if only I do not finish, blame yourself, I will not give you a

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Then, I will launch you to our little dogs in the cellar.
So what’s waiting for you is a fun night.
And she, leaning her hands on the bench, got cancer, holding up her huge ass high.
So, “litter”, start.
In my head did not fit, the basement, and even with dogs.
And for this, the mood I had on zero. Online sexx chat.

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