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org) I remembered my reactions and sensations.
Revived in the memory of touch and kisses Lam.
The warmth and velvetyness of her skin, the persistence and tenderness of her hands, the intermittentness of her breathing, which still seemed to wander around my neck and chest.

We met in the hall and, holding hands, went to the car provided by the hotel.
All the way, we fool around in the back seat, provoking each other with touches and imperceptible to the driver with kisses, light bites for the most tender places of the body.
In general, they behaved like real newly baked lovers.
And it was so exciting and unusual for me.
Who would have told me a couple of days ago that I would behave this way with a woman! Never would have believed it.
Correctly they say: “When never say, never when!” At the club, we danced a lot and did not hesitate to kiss before everyone’s eyes.
The men looked at us with desireful eyes, the women were somewhat envious and embarrassed.
How great that it was not possible to meet friends! Although at that moment I did not care.
At three o’clock in the morning my husband phoned and asked what I was doing.
I honestly admitted that I was kissing Lam at the moment.
He sustained the Moscow Art Theater break, then squeezed out of himself: – Well, you give! Okay, I’ll call you later.

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Unlike you, I was so unlucky.
We probably drank one hundred and the first portion of martini, when Lam asked: – Vicky (as she began to call me from a certain moment), what about your husband !? How are we going now? I myself didn’t know “How”, so I decided to postpone a serious conversation and translate everything into a joke: – And what, did you decide to offer me a hand and a heart !? I urgently need a divorce? Lam laughed: – What are you! I have a fiance in Beirut.
I meant our relationship now, this holiday.
“I don’t know, Lam.”
I already do not know anything.
He is a man of course with broad views, but let me go to live with you until the end of the holidays and he is unlikely to be decided.
– I answered honestly.
Lam thoughtfully lowered her eyes.
– And what should we do? Oh, if I myself knew what to do.
I with all my strength drove such thoughts from me and
Already thoroughly drunk bridegroom, dropping clothes, fell into bed and silently watched the undressing of a beloved bride.
Masha decided to give a serious chance to Volodya, having prepared an exquisite striptease for him.
Her fabulous French lingerie set could wake up sexual desire even in a dying old man.
Through the graceful lace of dazzling white thin panty looked through a bush of silky hair.
She came very close to Volodya, doused with his exquisite aroma of oriental oils

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and indescribably fresh scent of a young body.
Masha walked around the huge double bed and very slowly, gracefully squirming, showing off the seductive angles of the perfect thighs and butts, began to drag down the weightless panties down.
And a miracle: at once Volodya’s eyes were riveted by an elaborate haircut in the form of a crown.
Dancing in front of her husband erotic steps, the bride soon found herself in bed.
Lying on her back, her legs wide apart and knees bent, she beckoned Volodya with her finger. Private sexting websites.

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