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And this was not included in his plans.
After all, he was the one who pushed Svetlana onto a crooked path, because she carries him a child.
And this is a crash.

Possible end of career, job loss, conflicts in the family.
It is necessary to prove Yury’s fatherhood at all costs, and this turned out to be easier than ever.

Also through communication, by raising documents, he calmed down.
Everything was better than ever.
Satisfied with himself, he came to Svetlana.
-All perfectly! – He said right from the doorway.
– I was in the hospital, we have one blood type with him.
He is all right in urology, he was bluffing.
I talked to a lab assistant, there are no barriers to your pregnancy.
So, he will not succeed in proving innocence to the child, – without taking off his shoes, he entered the spacious hall and flopped down on the sofa.
In a transparent peignoir, Svetlana stood by the window, smoking a cigarette.
She is very tired of endless intrigue.
She wanted to forget, to go far, to the ends of the world, until this scandal ended.
– Come on, you Light.

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It’s okay
No where he will not go, will return back – Edward took her hand and pulled over.
Her flexible body was on his lap, a peignoir slipped on the sofa.
-I do not want.
Not now.
I’m tired, ”she said with a tired look, with a tired look, but Edward was already caressing her shoulders.
-Well, I can not, – trying to get up, Svetlana prayed.
– Please go.
But he did not listen to her.
His hand penetrated to the thigh and, completely weightless melting, and then she lay on the sofa.
Knowing perfectly well that resistance was useless, she simply lay beneath him, hating him to the depths of her soul.
After all, it was he who broke her life.
And everything happened very trite.
She came to the company by accident.
At twenty-two, after graduating from the institute, she was sent to a small enterprise, where the translator had absolutely nothing to do, and her salary was only enough for tea.
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