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Denis patted her buttocks: – All is well, Kristinochka, I’m already in the ass.
Now it won’t hurt.
– He said, leaning on her.

– and then, to me – Ed, it happened here.
I drank cognac today, it is not suitable for conception.
So I will finish another hole.
Sounded it for granted, as if the goal was not to fertilize his wife, but just to fuck, no matter where.
His hips at this time were moving, developing the ass of my wife.
I caught an eye of a tube of anal lubrication lying next to them.
Here is a reptile! – I thought.
– He brought it with him! Prepared in advance! It turns out that I had planned to encroach on Christinkin’s ass beforehand! Well, then I can! With a gesture, I pointed to the tube.
Not stopping to fuck Kristinka, he bent down and threw grease at me.
Part of

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her was immediately spread around the aunt’s anus.
Clicking on the wrinkled star head, I was surprised how easily it opened, letting me in.
Having easily entered by the balls, I moved my dick in the anus of Aunt Nadi, finally making sure that for her this was the usual way of intercourse.
Then I recalled Uncle Sasha’s yesterday’s envious glance when I fucked my wife in the same hole.
Acrobat is clearly not designed by him.
I wonder by whom? At this point, the aunt squeezed the sphincter, squeezing the member tightly and I was completely uninteresting to think about it.
Kristinka same member in the anus was given harder.
From Denis’s particularly abrupt movements, she sometimes screamed, twitching.
Egorka under her, it seems, has long finished and just lay there, waiting for the opportunity to get out from under two bodies.

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It seemed to me that the front door slammed.
I thought so – it seemed, especially since no one else responded to this.
Only when the door to the bedroom opened, I realized that the rumor did not let me down.
Ilyushka stood in the doorway, squeezing pantyhose of Christchina in one hand, and her other yellow strings in the other: “Mom, what are you throwing away yours?”
Stopped off, he fixed his gaze on the picture before him: Kristinka between two men and a mother fucked by me in the ass.
– And we did not have two lessons.
He said, confused, as if he wanted to justify himself for appearing at the wrong time.
Aunt Nadia, after a short confusion, jumped off of me: – Ilya, I’ll explain everything to you now.
Without concern for clothes, she grabbed his arm and dragged him down the corridor.
After this, we somehow abruptly lost all desire to continue.
Yegor and Denis let Kristinka go and sat down.
– If the little one talks out, Dad won’t understand.
– suggested Denis.
– Yes, no one will understand.
– agreed Yegor.
“Bate, maybe he will figure out not to speak.”
And count up if the boys boast? At school or in the yard? Christina, listening to them, looked sadly.
Of course, no one knows her among Ilyukh’s friends, but if there are rumors about “Uncle’s wife Sasha’s nephew,” or whatever it is called in one word, sooner or later someone of our friends can identify her.
The brothers also have wives.
– We must talk to him.
– Denis thought of the obvious.
– Severely, manly.
Maybe even scare.
And then there is no stand, somewhere and boast.
– It is necessary.
– agreed brother.
– Anyway, nothing else comes to mind.
Pulling in his pants for decency, Denis went to the door.
I went after him.
Actually, I expected that Aunt Nadia at this time with a serious air explains to Ilyushka freshly thoughtful and plausible reasons for such our behavior.
Or, at worst, on his knees he begs for him not to say anything to anyone and to forget about what he saw at all.
Well, uh.
In something I was right.
Aunt Nadia was really on her knees in the second bedroom before her son.
Only the end in her mouth was not at all skinny.
Simply speaking, Aunt Nadia sucked the dick sticking out of her unbuttoned trousers.
Judging by Illya’s worn eyes, the initiative clearly belonged to her aunt. Sex and new york online.

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