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In a kind and soft voice he said: – I will help you in the execution of the mission.
Only I ask – make happy the one you have chosen.
To my sacrifice was not in vain.

Suddenly the church door slammed.
The space seemed to shrink again.

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doors locked themselves – and inside the church a ball of pure, white light caught fire.
The father changed at the same instant: – This is she! Go to her – I will betroth you.
And indeed it was Irina, she ran to the altar, but on her way this ball appeared.
Alexey, running up to her, took her in his arms.
He kissed me firmly and asked in a trembling voice: “Will you marry me, will you forever be with me?” Irina blurted out without even thinking: – Yes! And be free from this curse.
They came in time, and the father with the bible in hand.
After reading the introductory part, he asked: – Do you, the fallen one, agree to be with the Angel forever and ever? – Yes! Agree! – Do you agree, Angel, to become a mere mortal and let go of your soul! Alexey looked into Irina’s beautiful eyes and answered: – Yes, I agree! At the same time, the church began to crumble.
Vaults fell down, the bell tower settled.
The white ball began to expand, and after a few minutes it exploded.
With clean energy everything exploded, and the blast wave knocked out all the windows in the neighborhood.
People ran to the church, everything seemed to be crazy.
The church was gradually destroyed, until it completely turned into ruins.
The ambulance and the police almost immediately arrived at the scene, everyone thought that the people inside were dead.
Suddenly, three people came out of the ruins, holding hands, the old man-father, Irina and Alexey.

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Irina and Alexey had rings on her fingers – she had red and gold, Alexey had white gold.
The weather, which was overcast, suddenly began to play with bright colors.
The sky lit up with blue, and two stars flashed in the sky above.
His and Her.
Part three Irina and Alexey thanked the priest and, having caught the car, drove to Alexey.
Holding hands, went up to the apartment, they already knew what would happen next.
And they understood that everything will work out.
Bursting in like a whirlwind into the apartment, they both just knew that they were destined to be together, and not just tonight.
(Erotic stories) Hands intertwined in endless dance.
Everything was burning with fire of passion, our heroes lost their heads from the experience of today.
Irina kissed Alexey’s body with endless kisses, and he tore off her clothes.
Even without having to close the door, they had sex right in the hallway.
The powerful movements of Alexei seemed to have blown it from the inside.
After a couple of moments, barely having time to close the door, they finished with a wild intermittent cry.
Half a year has passed.
Irina divorced her husband, suing a decent part of the state and custody of the child, and Aleksey got a job at Universal Music.
Irina was four months pregnant.
It was their child – Leshin and her.
The mission has been completed.
Four fates intertwined together, and the result was a new life.
The story was co-authored, but my co-author and editor-in-chief urged not to disclose his name.
I would be happy to comment, anyone, since this is a first attempt at writing, and at the beginning of the journey it is always important to know if it is worth it.
The time was about 14:39, when Ray woke up after a stormy orgasm.
He woke up from the fact that someone’s clever, wet and naughty tongue, gently caressed his anus.
Turning around, Rey saw his mother lick his point.
Mary, was born as if to caress the royal ass.
She knew well that her eldest son loves this kind of sexual perversion.
Her playful language, tried to penetrate deeper and deeper.
When the king realized that a wave of pleasure would cover him now, he turned over and planted his agitated organ, even the most eggs in his mother’s pliable mouth.
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