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I began to realize that I was looking for something, but then the car shook on a bump, I did not have time to remove my hand, and he woke up.
I did not have time to do anything, but he did not move away, then I decided to act decisively and pulled him closer to me and reached to his lips with my own.
He was slightly frightened, but apparently decided to find out what will happen next.

I realized that you can not continue to pull and dug into his lip with his lips.
At first he did not understand what to do, but very quickly got comfortable and began to respond to my caresses.
Here it is, progressive youth – flashed through my head.
We did not notice how the car stopped at the house.
We arrived – Dima interrupted our embrace.
We went up to the apartment, Dima brought my luggage.
What time will I pick you up tomorrow? – asked the driver. Come hours at 18 in the evening.
– I answered, winking at the driver. I’ll pick you up at 20:00 – he answered with a smile and closed the door behind him. Are you hungry? – I turned to my guest – I have something left from food and a drink. I didn’t eat today – he answered with his eyes lowered to the floor. Well, this is fixable – I answered 30 minutes later we sat and had supper, chatting merrily merrily.
After dinner, I felt tired and while Lesha was studying the apartment, since she was not a little warned him that go wash and after that I will go to bed.

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I got under the shower and after five minutes, forgetting about everything, basked under the warm streams of water, completely forgetting about everything.
Suddenly the door opened and he entered the bath.
I had decided that he continued to get acquainted with the apartment, but accidentally glancing at the mirror I saw that he was without clothes.
Without a word, he went into the shower and hugged me from behind.
I felt strong hands on myself, and between the buttocks I rested a young member

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who started to get up.
I turned to him and he eagerly dug into my lips.
We stood in the shower and kissed.
I noticed that he is very beautiful without clothes.
I knelt down and took his almost risen member in his mouth.
It was about 20 cm in length and 5 centimeters in diameter.
I started frantically playing with my head, stroking my testicles with my hands.
From raised me from my knees and turning off the water we went to the bedroom.
Having fallen on snow-white linen, we started kissing and slightly fighting.
And he pressed me with himself put his dick to my hole.
Just be careful, do not hurt me – I asked. As you say, honey – he answered and began to enter me. He entered gently and slowly and now, after a few minutes, I felt his whole member in me.
It was wonderful.
After some time he began to move in me, gradually accelerating.
I felt a lump of languor grow in the abdomen.
Suddenly this lump exploded with thousands of small sparks somewhere inside me and fell exhaustedly under it, and after a couple of moments I felt how it began to end.
Exhausted, he lay down on me and so we lay a few minutes.
Did you like it? – he asked Very, and you? You are my first, but this is the best sex I’ve ever had – he answered and fell asleep. Sex and the city all seasons watch online.

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