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And now, I can not imagine how I will do without you and your member.
Her hand gently caressed my penis.
Let’s go to the bedroom.

– quietly she asked.
Let’s go to.
– I replied, with awakening passion kissed her.
Hugging tightly, we entered the bedroom.
Nina lay down on her stomach, and spreading her legs to the limit, spread her buttocks with her hands invitingly.
Having rummaged in Natalia’s work, I found a jar of some cream, and plentifully smeared the head of the penis with it.
Kneeling between the girl’s full thighs, I poked my head into the open spot of her anus.
Well-oiled head, easily slipped into the rectum of a girl who, with a low moan, let go of her buttocks, and spread her arms wide.
Doesn’t it hurt you? – Confident of her negative answer, I asked.
Not! Not! I am very pleased.
Just do not rush.
And the last time I almost crap one’s pants.
After a few seconds, the girl began to make low, cooing moans, showing her increasing arousal.
I gladly fucked her, caressing, round like balls, elastic, lush buttocks.
Gradually, her moans grew louder, and I, having come to taste, began to move with force in her, hitting my belly on a plump ass.

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She helped me, throwing me to meet, round ass.
At the next, especially strong pitching, she farted loudly, and no longer paying attention, made strong, continuous sounds.
Suddenly she screamed and, tightly squeezing my cock muscles, jerked under me, screaming and tugging backwards.
I reached out and grabbed her hot soft crotch, from which a hot trickle of her juice flowed.
Pulling a member out of the anus, slightly raising its ass, I quickly and strongly stuck it into the girl’s sex gap.
She screamed even louder, and her body was captured by a new wave of orgasm.
The girl screamed, tossing about under me, the orgasm rolled on her waves in waves, exhausting the sweet flour from which she almost lost consciousness.
Feeling like a persistent wave of urges rises to my lower abdomen, I pulled my penis out of her, and lay down, trying to save my strength.
She lay limply beside me, occasionally shuddering from the last, rare convulsions of a calming arousal.
I reached out and gratefully stroked the girl on the steep, hot buttock.
She took a deep breath, and with difficulty turned her steaming face, burning with excitement, to me.
Oh, so good.
She muttered weakly and sleepily, tiredly, closing her eyes.
Sighing, Nina dozed off.
I went into the hall and, after drinking another glass of vodka, went to see Dasha.
Dropping a blanket to the floor, she lay on her back, spreading her full,

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slender legs wide open, exposing her neatly covered pussy.
Among the girl’s slightly parted graceful lips, the pale pink tip of the clitoris was peeking out, which looked so inviting that, unable to restrain myself, I bent over and kissed him. Sex anime online game.

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