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I knew that until 9 o’clock there was quite a bit of time and, yielding to persuasion, I decided that I had to stand and set the record at 38 o’clock, despite the fact that my bladder was literally on the verge of an explosion! All I could think about was my condition, or rather, the state of my bladder.
I counted the minutes to 9 o’clock: 14 minutes, 12: 10: 6: 5.
It seemed to me that the clock just stopped, time passed so slowly! When it was only two minutes before 38 o’clock without going to the toilet, I squatted over a basin in advance, but noticed that another friend of mine entered the chat, and after reading my messages about this whole undertaking, asked me to chat with him.

I literally screamed from the pain in my stomach! I was so close to the basin, but did not want to offend this guy and had to kneel again and chat with him (after all, it would be unfair to send him to hell)!

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In the meantime, the first friend also still urged me to suffer longer.
I was in a terrible state, because I had to chat with two guys at the same time and at the same time hold back a real fountain of urine! I just could not stand it, I screamed, a tear of despair rolled down my cheek, I was ready to cry in pain, but I bit my lower lip with all my strength and continued to endure.
I knew that I had never wanted to go to the toilet so much in my life and had never experienced so much pain as now in my bladder.
The second friend asked me to be patient for another half an hour, because he just a few minutes ago connected to our conversation, but I just could not do it, tears were already running down my cheeks, and I bit my lip through the blood.
I told him that during the last few hours I was in agony and my bladder hurts so much, as if it was really about to explode.

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I could feel urine seeping through my urethra, and the first drops were ready to break out, my body simply refused to hold that amount of urine, and I could not get my sphincters to shrink and close my bladder.
My stomach swelled terribly, the upper edge of the bladder was three fingers above the navel, and the bladder itself was sticking out almost ten centimeters and looked like a small watermelon.
I began to rub myself between the legs even more, pressing one finger on the urethra and overcoming the terrible pain, but I felt the approach of an orgasm and could no longer hold it back.
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