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I began to cry, became a cancer and began to lick his saliva from the floor.
“Suck and not swallow,” ordered the Georgians.
I sucked in my saliva and knelt again.

– Open your mouth.
I opened my mouth, Vaso spat there.

– Swallow.
Thank or I will beat.
– Thank you, master, that you spit in my mouth.
I love to swallow your saliva, – I thanked sobbing.
Vaso sat in the chair.
“Lick my shoes,” he ordered, and without leaving me time to think, he struck his cheek again with his hand.
I fell at his feet and began to lick black stylish shoes.
Licking, I started up more and more.
Finally, unable to hold back, I began to passionately kiss his shoes.
“Oh, I see, our Lizka doesn’t have to be persuaded,” Archila’s voice sounded above me.
The handsome Georgian stood naked.
His beautiful cock hung to the ground.
Before the cry, I wanted to immediately take it in my mouth and swallow it completely, before the eggs.
Deepthroat so that the nose drowned in the thicket over his precious dick.
And suck, suck: Archil took me with both hands by the head and began to dick over the face.

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I diligently put myself under him and tried to kiss and lick.
Vaso flew in from the side again.
– Pidaraska, do not do anything yourself.
Wait for orders! – he said and went to the bathroom.
I totally felt like a girl.
Even in thought.
I froze and lifted my head, exposing Archil to my face.
He diligently moving his pelvis, fucked him.
– Lisa, really want to suck? – finally asked Archil.
– Yes darling! Please, scream me.
Do whatever you want, just put it in my mouth.
Archil graciously allowed: – Bury, Lisa.
I leech sucked into his dick and moaned so that Vaso looked out of the bathroom for a second.
But I did not see it, I was drunk on Archil’s dick.
Hugging his hands on his ass, I passionately sucked, licked prick, swallowed in the tonsils and moaned.
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