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This was difficult, because Masha resisted wildly all the time and tried to wriggle out of Dasha’s grip.
The latter finally guessed her weight on her sister, thus forcing her to calm down.
“Do not resist, Masha, this is useless! I’ll curse you anyway, only you will be more unpleasant than if you obeyed me and lay quietly!”, Dasha whispered to her little sister in the ear.

Then she took an enema in her right hand, opened Masha’s ass with two fingers of her left hand, threw the enema tip into her hole with a sharp, lightning movement, forcing her to howl with pain because of this, and then squeezed the enema balloon with both hands.
Water under great pressure gurgling poured into the intestines of poor Masha.
“Well, Mary, do not cry, cry, but an enema has been made to you!”, Dasha said rather, and pulled the nose of the pear out of her sister’s anal opening.
Then she squeezed Masha’s buttocks together and strictly ordered: “Lie down and do not move until I let you get up! Otherwise, the enema will not work and you will have to repeat it! Sex toys for men online purchase.

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