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Chantal caressed his gloomy mocking lips, the beautiful curves of his strong neck and shoulders, the embossed muscles on his arms, chest and abdomen, and she felt a slight pleasant pulsation inside.
When her gaze went lower, her cheeks flared, and she again leaned over his lips, and then began to cover her smooth hot skin with gentle kisses, as he had kissed her before.
Verlaine did not interfere with her, only slightly held her luxurious curls in order to better see her all — timid, tender and passionate.

He was ticklish from all these feline tenderness, and unbearably wanted to satisfy his lust immediately, but the queen’s submissiveness tormented his vanity and pleasantly irritated his nerves.
What arousing was this innocence of her, how drove crazy.

Chantal’s lips stopped on his nipple, the tongue timidly slid over the rough skin, until it covered with elastic pimples.
Then the young student slightly squeezed his nipple with snow-white teeth, while her fingers gently stroked the bottom of his stomach.

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Finally, her hand seemed to accidentally touch the strained member of Verlaine.
Fingers walked along its entire trunk, touched something wet, velvety and hot.
Verlaine sighed convulsively, but, however, did not show how excited he was.
Chantal opened her teeth and sat down beside the duke on her knees, carefully examining a new object of interest to her.
This object was powerful, straight, resilient, twined with swollen veins, with a large, clearly protruding bright head.
For some reason, he wanted to touch him.
and still taste it, because Verlaine caressed her everywhere with her lips and tongue, so why should she herself.
These thoughts made Chantal terribly embarrassed, blush and for some reason grin at the edge of his lips.
She remembered how nice she had just been.
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