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Their gentlemen waited for the ladies, sitting at a table near a spreading palm.
Svetkina boyfriend was called Alex, a friend – Anton.
org) The guys liked Irina, but she was immediately convinced that these were not the men of her dreams.

Nevertheless, she greeted her politely, and allowed Anton to take care of herself.
The guys ordered champagne, snacks and the party started.
At first, everyone was a bit constrained, but a few glasses of a noble drink did their job, and after half an hour, quite relaxed conversation was conducted at the table.
We talked about music, sports (the guys turned out to be inveterate fans), books, danced a little.
In general, this was the usual party, when the first acquaintance is most often the last.
Irina felt great and mentally thanked Sveta many times for such a wonderful evening.
She sat back in the easy chair with a glass of “Abrau-Durso” and savored a frothy drink.
Anton, who was sitting next to him, said something to her about football, but she almost did not listen to him, looking at the restaurant’s visitors.
Anton took her hand, and she turned her head to him to stop the obsessive suitor, when suddenly her eyes met with different eyes and Irina seemed to be pierced by the current! Literally a few tables from their company, Sergey Vladimirovich sat with his companions.
And now he stared at her with unblinking eyes.
Next to the director was Oleg Petrovich with Liza and Igor Ivanovich with that unfamiliar girl from the sex shop.
Liza was wearing a very open dress, and a narrow black velvet ribbon was wrapped around the swan neck.

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With some surprise, Irina noticed that the girl next to Igor Ivanovich had exactly the same velvet ribbon around her neck.
Oleg Petrovich and Igor Ivanovich were talking animatedly about something, occasionally pouring themselves into glasses, Lisa and the stranger were sitting sedately, carefully squeezing champagne from tall glasses, and Sergey Vladimirovich.
! He sat with a clearly bored gaze, although there was a smile on his face on duty.
Without touching the poured cognac, he indifferently examined the visitors of the restaurant, and then his glance singled out Irina.
For a few moments they, without blinking, looked at each other.
Then a fleeting but real smile slipped across Sergey Vladimirovich’s clever face and he nodded his head slightly.
Irina sat, feeling like a rush of blood in her ears.
Just a few minutes ago, she dreamed of a REAL man and now, please, he is sitting a few steps away from her! “Lord, I am a fool! After all, I don’t need anyone except him! And here I sit with these boys, instead of sitting there, with Lizka and this girl !! What to do?!.
“Er, what are you doing? – Sveta’s voice invaded her thoughts.
BUT? Not.
there is nothing.
Sveta, – she leaned over to her friend, – almost all of our management is sitting there! Sveta turned her head and almost choked.
Damn it, they got it, they got it! Why are you stuck? – did not understand Irina.
We are forbidden to visit such institutions on Sunday, that’s why! Management believes that after a restaurant gathering employee will poorly perform their duties! – hissed Light.
So what now we will? Will they fine? Sveta irritably asked: Will they fine? You, when you are late, fined, or how ?! Irina started: you think of us.

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How to drink to give! – gloomily promised Sveta.
Girls, are you talking about, – asked Alexey in surprise.
About anything – cut off the Light.
– Everything, we leave! Already at home, lying in bed, Irina thought about tomorrow.
“I wonder how he will punish us? Again ruler, or.
Probably “or.”
And he will see me naked again.

The next day, Gena in the morning took me out of the house.
Thank God, the elevator worked and pressed against the wall with Gena, we breathed a sigh of relief when everyone came out of the elevator on the fourth floor. Sex watch online movie.

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