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She looked like a predator preparing to jump.
Eyes rounded even more, face flushed paint.
– How does he know? Who told him about this? – Svetlana went to cry.

She was shaking all over.
-You? -Take it easy! I have nothing to do with it.

You know what a bore he is, he wants to know everything about everyone.
He was interested in our joint work at the end of the working day.
It checks weekly logbook of working time.
I warned you.
Then the driver blurted out.
He will not leave us alone.
It would be better if you help him.
-Never! – Svetlana rushed at him with fists.
“If I went to bed with you, it does not mean that I have to go to bed with the first person I meet,” she punched her fists in the back.
She was shaking all over, tears streaming down her cheeks.
– Calm down, Svetlana, – Edward, having caught her hands, pressed a flexible body and began to kiss her wet cheeks.
– Everything will be fine.
What do you need? Who is allowed to enter? – turning round sharply, he switched to a scream.
With horror in his eyes, a newly accepted accountant stood in the doorway.

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She burst into thick paint, her hands began to shake, she darted away, but Edward caught her at the front desk.
-What do you need? – his breath, he hissed.
– Here.
– trembling all over, stretched the paper Marina.
– Olga Anatolievna sent me a sub-write.
Very urgent.
– Tears streamed down her cheeks.
She was shaking all over.
For fear, she was ready to swoon.
“Come in,” calming down a bit, he invited her into Edward’s office.
Svetlana stood, turned to the window.
She was all shaking.
Almost without reading, Edward signed all the bills.
“That’s what dear Marina,” he threw a withering glance.
– You just entered the office.
You did not see or hear anything, – as a hypnotist he inspired a frightened girl.
– Do you understand me?
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