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in the mouth to take.
disgusting, probably? – Fool! she said simply and gently.
– This is French love! And so do the true lovers !.

I did not strain anymore, and Tanya caressed so much that I felt dizzy and I even seemed to lose consciousness several times.
– My boy, my sweetie! – kissing, she whispered passionately.
– Want to become a man-chinoy ?.
You’re not afraid anymore?
That’s good!.
You just do not tense up and be cool! And do not rush, do not finish quickly !.
You are now a little distracted, think about something else! Good?.
Well, here and the clever !.
I, lolling on the bench, closed my eyes and, obeying Tanya, completely distracted.
But I felt how my solid head slowly plunged into something soft and cozy, and some kind of divine warmth that suddenly swept all the way down brought me an extraordinary feeling, delivering a friable, sweet relief.
I, torn by curiosity, opened my eyes.
Tanya sat on me and, resting her hands on my chest, smoothly moved her pelvis.
My excited member, bordered with dark pink lips like a piston, then plunged into Tanya, then appeared.
She slightly closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, moaning softly and with each push more and more squeezed my head.
I felt the approach of a powerful warm wave, and I was seized by the fear that I would end prematurely, and I would tighten my whole body.
Tanya, being in close contact with me, caught vibrations and anxieties occurring in my body.
She immediately came to life, earning her pelvis in an accelerated pace, and, looking directly into my eyes, in a intermittent passionate voice

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she whispered: “My sweetie!”

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do not restrain yourself !.
Stop it !.
All, stop it !.
Aaaaaa !.
Oh-oh-oh-oh !.
Tanya planted herself all the way, strongly tensed, holding her breath, and spun in one place, already muttering incoherently to herself.
And at that moment I felt a hot surge, as if inside me a dormant volcano unexpectedly exploded, the epicenter of which was my swollen testicles.
– Oh-oh-oh !.
– I shouted something not from fear, not that from pleasure, frantically seizing round Tannins buttocks.
– Oh-oh-oh-oh !.
– Tanya echoed me, clinging all over.
Then I disconnected.
Frenzy has come.
Woke up from a cool trickle of water.
Tanya, smiling tenderly, poured me out of the dipper and carefully washed my relaxed body.
I followed her with love and, without thinking anything, smiled too.
– My man! – seriously said Tanya and kissed her hard on the lips.
“What a sweet boy you are!”
No no! You are already a man !.
You are a sweet man !.
Always, when you make love to a woman, give her the opportunity to finish, then you will always love her! Remember this, my sweet man, forever !.
I do not remember how I got to the bed, I was wobbling and sickening, but it was still very nice.
As soon as he touched the bed, he immediately fell asleep, having found blissful peace.
I woke up from some kind of anxiety, anxiety penetrated into my soul with a stone pressing on a loving heart.
– Tanya, Tanya is mine! – flashed in my head.
“She will leave me, leave us and this!”
I quickly jumped up and ran out into the yard.
In the yard, the grandfather straightened the nets and hung them up to dry.
– Grandfather, and where is Tanya? – I asked anxiously.
– Tanya? – quietly asked my grandfather.
– Tanya has already left !.
Didn’t you know that? – and he slyly smiled.
– She said goodbye to you when you were still asleep.
She kissed your sleepy lips and said: let the sweet man sleep !.
And the grandfather turned away, grunting and straightening the network further.
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