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Despite this, I still felt severe swelling, rumbling and abdominal pain, but I could not empty my intestines.
Moreover, after the candles I got worse.
Once again I came out of the closet, I felt disappointed, really unhappy and very sick.

I went to the bedroom and lay down on my stomach on the bed, hoping that I would soon feel better.
After some time, my uncle returned from work.
I did not even get out of bed to greet him, and he went into my room.
Talking with me, he noticed that I did not look like myself, and asked if I was ill.
By that time, I was feeling very bad.
I decided to overcome my shame and thought that I would better tell my uncle the whole truth.
With embarrassment, I told my uncle that I could not go to the toilet three days after that party, and that I feel sick, and that my stomach was swollen and sore.
My uncle immediately touched my forehead and said that I had a fever.
He left the room and returned with a thermometer and a jar of vaseline.
My uncle asked me to pull down my jeans and shorts and turn on my side. Thai sex hidden cam.

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