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There was an apologetic smile on her pleasant face, as if saying “it seems I didn’t have time to get together – what he would think of me when he saw it like that”, and there was a similar smile on my face – “I came prematurely, this is not quite an etiquette .
but I have no regrets. ”
Diana was the first to break the silence of this awkward pause: – Come on in.

You can drink wine while I clean up.
She waved her hand toward the bottle on the bedside table, and she herself flew off into the bathtub, from which she immediately heard the sound of a hairdryer.
I managed to take a couple of sips of wine and go to the window to admire the night avenue, how the hair dryer turned off, and she left the bathroom.
Diana took her glass from the table, came up to me and said with a wink: “For an acquaintance! The clinking of glasses should have destroyed my awkward silence, but I just continued to look with admiration at this beautiful, well-groomed girl and enjoy the smell of her perfume.
– Yeah, Alice did not exaggerate when she said that you are not talkative.
I hope she didn’t lie about your magic dick either! It was as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over me.
The wondrous, slightly blurred dream abruptly broke off, and I felt the harshness and clarity of the reality that engulfed me in a moment.
– We need to hurry, today I still need to catch up in a few shops before closing them.
With these words, Diana came close to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips.

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Cuddling closer and closer with her breasts, she continued to kiss me, and her hands fell down and began to unzip the trousers.
My hands eagerly wandered around her waist, ass, finally I spread the robe on her gorgeous breasts.
The standing nipples on two perfectly round watermelons asked for suction and caress.
But while I was thinking, my lover had already pulled off my pants and underwear and pushed me onto the bed.
I fell on my back, and Diana, like a predatory cat jumped on me and began to lick my already standing member from eggs to the head and back, sometimes she lingered on the scrotum, playing alternately with one testicle, then with another, or vice versa completely swallowing a member and leaving so much saliva on it that it streamed down the relief surface of my penis.
Stopping the sweet torture with her mouth, Diana, not allowing me to seize the initiative, kissed me on the lips and sat on top, turned to me with a curved back.
Turning my head to the side on a pillow, I saw our reflection in the huge mirror doors of the dressing room.
I’m lying on my back, my dick sticks up, and just a couple centimeters from him, Diana lifts her robe, baring her round ass, not covered with panties, but only framed with garters, connecting stockings and still hidden under the robe belt.
Her breasts protrude from the dressing gown, her eyes are closed, and quiet sighs break from her lips, on which a little lipstick is smeared.
Grabbing my dick with a pen, Diana sends it between her buns right in the ass.
This moment does not compare with anything from my previous experience.
Her anal hole is so soft

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, gentle, effortless and at the same time very tightly grabbed the head of the penis, and then its entire trunk, that the time for me stopped.
All that I have become at this single moment is a sense of perfect contact.
Flesh to flesh, millimeter to millimeter, cell to cell, atom to atom.
Also softly and without sudden movements, lifting the ass up, Diana caused a new wave of unimaginable emotions about how good my dick is inside this girl. Under desk hidden cam masturbation.

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