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Webcam machine squirt. Say, do not be afraid.
Sonny was silent.
-Silent means consent? I smiled again, and began to gently move my hand.
Soon, my cat’s eyes widened even harder, and he mumbled something like “Oh, oh!”, Twitching in passionate convulsions.

– Well, well done.
– I kissed my son on the lips.
– And now you’ll make me happy, okay? Dad did you.
I lowered the boy to the floor, set him first on elbows and knees.
But then, on reflection, he thrust his head straight into the mat: -Now, Stasonik, now, my love.
Like this.
You do not twitch the main thing, breathe deeply in your mouth and be patient a little bit, okay? Relax your ass.
No, really relax.
Good girl.
Not food, be patient a little bit, hare.
In a few minutes it was all over.
I threw my little son on the floor, and sucked him all over, from the top of his head to the heels.
Then he carried me to the bed, and we continued to tumble around there – and tumble until the evening.
And the next morning, already in the car on the way home, Staska suddenly hugged me – so much so that I almost let the steering wheel out of my hands: – Folder! – son tightly kissed my cheek.
-What, zai? -And we will go to the country next weekend too, eh? Webcam machine squirt.

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