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Very often, during the first encounter with a woman, I had to restrain myself long and painfully in order to deliver first the partner with the maximum pleasure and not to finish before her.
Today it was different, and it is wonderful.
I started the most vigorous actions, but very soon Natasha seemed to wake up and, looking at me with a long, foggy look, began to help me myself, gradually getting back into a rage.

It was delicious.
She lifted up on her toes and then, dropping abruptly, herself sat down on this wonderful stiff rod that gave her so much pleasure.

Now I almost had nothing to do.
I only squeezed with pleasure the wonderful swollen, resiliently jumping at her sudden chest movements, from time to time sucking on delicious pink nipples that sensitively react to my touches, and admired her pink face from intense excitement and especially suddenly became such inspired eyes from half-closed eyelids which with each of its stringing all the way to the member flew, it seemed, whole sheaves of sparks.

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Apparently, while she was experiencing the greatest pressure on her clitoris, because every time she exhaled hotly: “Yes !!!”.
It would be a crime to interrupt this striking picture, and again I had to make a gigantic effort to delay my climax.
Fortunately, Natasha did not torment me for very long.
Increasingly her breathing and growing babbling: “Lord, how good! A bit more! Still!! Still!!! Like this! Taaaaa !! ABOUT.
god !!! Yes! Yeah !! Oh, how nice !!! Good oh oh !!! Oh !!! ”they said that she was on the verge of crisis.
And he came! Having planted one last time and froze in this position, she screamed into her voice and, whining like a little dog, began to cum, shuddering coarsely and squeezing my cock deeply with her vagina.
I firmly held her in my arms, waiting for her to drink to the bottom of his thicket of pleasure, to continue the frictions.
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